Oh boy, I can’t tell you how much I wish we were still in Mexico. Partly because I’m sick and so being anywhere but in bed seems more exciting. And partially because we love Mexico (I know ‘duh drea, you tell us all the time‘). A lot of Mexico is like here though– I mean, as far as flora, fauna, weather, etc.— which I realize and I appreciate, but unfortunately not so much the people and culture. But I don’t know, I’m in a weird place, like I said. Sort of an inner battle of whats next. Alex and I have talked and talked and it seems like we’re making a plan. Well, two plans, I guess you could say. Plan A and a backup plan (B)— but even if plan A works, we’ll do plan B eventually. Does that make sense? Or am I being to confusing? Anyway, in the meantime, lets forget my confusing and feverish talk and look through some of the prettiest and my most favorite moments from last week <3But for real, picture overload, but they all make me SO HAPPY. 

outdoor sink love. 

outdoor fresh lunch love. 

waking up, after sleeping with the doors and windows open (screens closed though of course) and fresh air love…. and then looking up a minute later to see a monkey swinging in the trees! 

banana trees outside my window love. 

Alex found love too! One of the coolest things I forgot to mention is Sandos Caracol’s souvenir shops are all owned by local town people. They hold a booth just as they would at a farmers market! Clothes, wooden decor, jewelry, dolls, etc etc. Not food though– but Alex was super lucky and got to have a homemade tamale brought by this sweet woman. He was in heaven!

beach love. 

banana grove love. 

setting up for a party celebration spring equinox love! 

wishing tree love. pro tip: if you’re getting married, you should have a wishing tree. your welcome. 

This night was SO much fun! This is the night I was talking about the other day! Dancing, music, the best food ever, tequila— and then a group of us (drunk) face-timing my mom so she could translate our wishes for us! I could translate word for word, but the weird meaning behind the quotes? I was lost. Spanish mom to the rescue. 

I accidentally went to the dessert table first— it was dark– I didn’t know! So I had all sorts of sweet gourds and fruits in syrup. nom. And maybe it’s a chef thing– but Alex sticks his face uncomfortably close to mine and his food to smell it. 

They painted my face for the spring equinox celebration. I told Marlowe they made me a Mayan princess– she was so excited, still is! 

This were little yuca or plantain empanada things? I dont remember. But I want more now. 

trees and hut love. 

exploring love. 

our sweat lodge! SO! As I hoped and talked about— I did get over a few fears on this trip— I didn’t make it into the ocean– but only because we never really spent anytime at the beach– just a few moments in the evenings when it was too cold for me (I’m a tropical girl). But I did do a sweat lodge which is basically a super dark steam room— I’m scared of steam rooms and the dark (and everything in life apparently). At the end of the Mayan sweat lodge ceremony you cleanse yourself in a cenote— which I did! And shivered like a crazy person (so cold!), but I did it! Do I get a cookie? Let me know if you guys want me to chat more about the mayan sweat lodge ritual– I totally can, I do plan to talk about the Mayan massage I got too— at some point later next week!

Adult only poolside spa hangs. 

My first attempt at a cenote! I would have gone in, but it was much too cold. I made it to maybe my thighs or so. I only went in the second one (completely, head under 4 times) because it was part of the ceremony— otherwise I would have probably chickened out just because it was so cold!

hardware love. 

Funny how my whole post basically matches this bag. Crazy that I even realize things like that.

And saying goodbye… or see ya later. And heading to Tulum <3

This was all at Sandos Caracol that I had mentioned before. The experience was so wonderful. Thank you Sandos and all the friends we made there <3<3 See more of our trip: HERE


  1. Can you please just do a few outfit posts? I love your pants and those drawstring looking shorts!

  2. That sink is so pretty. It just reminded me, several years ago (must have been '08? I remember the soccer/football was on), we went to the pottery area in Seville and saw cool sinks like that, but I didn't buy one. I thought, I'm going to come back here someday when we have a house, and get one of those bad boys. Now I have a house, but haven't done it!

    Anyway, another lovely post! Must be the sunshine, but I just want to live in your blog right now. Not in a stalker-y way though.

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  4. I'm not sure I can ever go back to any other place, after an experience like this. This place is appropriate in a space that lends so much gravitas to events. The design of venues is sharp and environment is unbelievably good.

  5. Can't wait for more photos, more words and exclamation marks! What a fantastic trip!

    Take care Drea, there is a giant inside you, you will conquer everything. And as for plans mentioned here, I'm too excited to think what you're guys have on mind. Whatever you go for, good luck friends! xx