Happy monday, friends! So I’ve been making this drink for myself every so often for the past few months. Ideally, I’d be drinking this everyday— (it’s my goal) but I haven’t started yet. This week we’re moving the mixer off the counter (*tear* it’s so pretty) and moving our juicer onto the counter in hopes to juice a whole lot more— but to be completely honest, I don’t have high hopes for this goal. I’m hoping/wanting to drink this + a green juice everyday— or a few times a week at the very least! My body hit a major and painful wall of inflammation after c. diff and everything— so stuff like this has been huge life saver for my gut and body. Anyway, you don’t NEED a juicer to make this. I mean, it would be a whole lot easier (and smoother) with a juicer, but I wanted to put together this recipe for you to make at home without a juicer. 1. because not everyone has a juice. and 2. juicers can be expensive! Do you have a juicer? Do you want to use it? Well, great! You can do that too!
So I had been debating on sharing this recipe for two weeks or so. There are so many variations you can try. I guess the thing that finally inspired me to share was that when we were out in miami at the farmers last week, I saw a bottle of turmeric tonic I was SO excited. I tried it– and it was really good– but not what I was personally craving. I like a lot of acid in drinks– and kind of lemon overload when I make this at home. Lemon is great at jump starting your metabolism and alkalizing your body. And of course it’s loaded with vitamin C too. The tonic at the market also had honey in it. I dont add honey to mine. You can, but I don’t. I find that juicing an orange in there makes the drink sweet enough! Also, there are a lot of different varieties of turmeric– but chances are, unless you live in the subtropics/tropics, you’re only going to find one kind— and that’s okay! Any turmeric is better than no turmeric! Even just the powder is wonderful, though I do recommended using fresh stuff as much as you can!I don’t want to get too much into the food science of everything involved in this drink– but the health benefit list is LONG. REALLY LONG. In short: this drink truly is a super food (drink?). It’s cancer fighting, virus fighting, inflammation reducing (basically the cause of all chronic disease today), alkalizing, immune boosting, on and on and on. Your body will love you forever for this one.Do to the standard american diet (s.a.d.), most of our bodies are in a constant state of inflammation– there’s been a ton of research out there on how truly dangerous this is. Both turmeric and ginger, especially when eaten daily) will drastically reduce this. I mean, in general, it just makes sense to eat a better, whole food diet and reduce the junk, but even just this step will help A LOT!

fresh turmeric from our garden! I love living in the tropics!

You’ll need: 
a mircoplane zester OR juicer (we have THIS one)
2 tablespoons peeled and grated turmeric
1 teaspoon peeled and grated ginger
1/3 cup fresh lemon juice
1/3 cup fresh orange juice
1 1/2 cup water (or to taste)
pinch of black pepper*

optional: pinch of cayenne or a bit of raw unfiltered honey.

How to:
with zester: 
-peel both ginger and turmeric and finely grate
-add grated ginger + turmeric + pinch of pepper to jar/container
-juice lemon and orange and combine in jar with water.
-shake shake shake (or stir, duh) and drink.

with juicer:
-peel ginger, turmeric, lemons, and orange and juice
-add pinch of pepper
-add water to taste

*So whats up with the pepper? Well black pepper helps activate the healing and free radical fighting properties of the turmeric. google “curcumin” for more info! If you just add a pinch of pepper, it wont overwhelm the drink, don’t worry!

So the benefits of using a juicer? You’re not left with turmeric hands. I personally don’t mind turmeric hands— but if you have a job that requires you to not have yellow finger tips consider wearing gloves…. or asking someone else to make you this drink 😉

And voila! An antioxidant packed super drink! Whether you’re fighting a cold or have inflammation issues, this drink is magic! I’m going to make a big ole batch tomorrow again. I can’t wait! I hope you guys make it too! Play around with the ratios and see what you personally like. For me, it’s a lemon party 😉  I hope you guys had a great weekend and have an eve better week ahead of you!

ps. if you guys do want me to get into the benefits of each ingredient and whatnot when I do these recipes, just let me know. I tend to skip it— only because I’ve read ten million articles by now and I assume everyone else has too, but that’s probably not the case, ay? I dont want to be a broken record for what’s all over the web– but I don’t want to leave you head scratching either! Just let me know!

pps. you can find a bunch of similar but different healthy tonics HERE 🙂


  1. I saw an amazing programme a couple of years ago where a boy with terrible psoriasis was cured by diet, which included plenty of turmeric. I love that you can buy it fresh, I didn't even know what it looked like until I read this post. I don't think it's available fresh here much, if at all. I shall start adding to a few more things now I've read your post. CJ xx

    • Yeah I imagine fresh turmeric might be a bit harder to find in your region! But dried is always good too 🙂 Maybe at an indian store? 🙂

    • It's definitely better fresh every day— just like with juicing! But you could maybe make a big batch for every 3 days or so?

  2. I've been reading articles claiming that you need fat for the beneficial agents of turmeric to be properly absorbed. What are your thoughts on that? I've been meaning to add more turmeric to my diet (off to a slow start), and am looking for easy ways to do that.

    I also started adding spirulina to my morning oatmeal, and I love it! I do overnight oats with steel-cut oats, sprouted almond milk, spirulina, cinnamon, and maca (which I also added to my diet years ago at your suggestion).

    I too would be interested in more details into the health benefits of different ingredients. I find that fascinating!

    • Yes, I've heard that too! Just like vitamin d— it's fat soluble. You could always add a teaspoon of coconut oil to the mix too if you're not eating it with a healthy fat lunch. I wish definitely try to add more details in future posts! So happy with your comment!

  3. If you were to go into details and specifics, I'd totally read it. I, too, have read a bunch of articles, but I truly enjoy having another perspective on the same ideas/facts. Like a whole, plant based diet, community builds strength.

  4. I can't wait to try this! If I'm using turmeric powder, is it still 2 tablespoons? Also, I like having the benefits listed but don't feel like you need to be super detailed about it. If I get intrigued I just head to google to learn more 🙂

    • I would play around with it to see how you like it! It would be very intense, but if you could drink it down, it would be very good for you!