So, when we buy new things, we like to make sure they are things that will last. We’re not huge on buying things that are “well, this will do for now” items that we require a change quickly. It just creates more waste. Right? Right. Well, we’re not perfect either. I have to admit Marlowe’s mattress when we upgraded her room from a toddler bed to a big kid bed was kind of one of those “just buy a mattress, any mattress” kind of deals. It was the cheapest one in the store, really. But we got it and thought, we’ll invest in another one, a good one, later.
Well, Alex and I finally upgraded our own mattress last year. Or as Alex likes to say “you finally got an adult mattress, drea”— because like Marlowe’s mine was the cheapest one in the store. Unlike Marlowe’s though, mine (now ours) was now 8 years old. Well, sweet, and oh so charming Marlowe would always have the excuse, “but your bed is so cozy, my bed is not, can I sleep with you?” haha. I mean, her room and bed situation is def. the coziest in the house though, but whatever! But now, a year later— here we are– with Miss. Marlowe finally upgrading her own (good quality!) Leesa mattress this past month and has ZERO excuses to why she should be sleeping in or bed each night 😉

Almost as big as her Leesa mattress box! So what’s rad about Leesa? Besides the great quality and superb comfort level? Leesa is a wonderful do-good company! For every 10 mattresses ordered, Leesa donates one to a shelter! So good, right? Also, as you can see, you just order online and the mattress shows up right to your door! All nicely packaged into an easy to carry box. Without a showroom and just a direct delivery service, they’re able to supply quality mattresses at a lower cost to you (and donate some to people in need too). And you have 100 nights to try your mattress risk free— so it’s a win/win 🙂

Marlowe was so excited! No seriously,  so so excited. She begged to open her mattress everyday. It sat there for a few days though since I was under the weather, womp. But she begged and begged. I offered to open the box and we would open the mattress the next day because her room needs to get picked up– she even ran into her room “no, let me pick it up now!” haha.

The next day we hauled out her old one (well, to the back room to donate it), cleaned up her room and were ready to open up her new mattress.

A few snip snips with the scissors, and with my tiny helper, the wrapper was off and the mattress unrolled open and boom!

and jumps all over it too of course.

The mattress is super thick (well, comparably to her old one)— 10 inches to be exact with three layers of foam. Leesa comes in all sizes too— even california king for you giant bed owners 😉  Oh and there’s free shipping! And it even ships all the way to Canada now too (ay!)

You want one? (Yes). Here’s a discount! Click HERE and the first 50 readers to redeem the promo code OHDEARDREA get and 75$ off your order! hooray!

Cozy sleep for everyone and a good cause too! <3

ps. we’ve been working on a tiny house in our spare (healthy) time. Too cute, right? 🙂 Jerry’s not into it, haha.

*this post is sponsored by Leesa and good sleep too.


  1. Nothing quite as good to play with as an empty cardboard box is there. The new mattress looks perfect, and I love how it all came out of that small box. Bet you couldn't get it back in there… CJ xx