Hello friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I’m super happy to say we had a really good one over here. I’m still not feeling top notch– but def. well enough to get out of the house– which I gladly-GLADLY did. I was cooped up far too long in here. And I’m also super excited to say the weather has been PERFECT. It’s really been quite nice out. We haven’t had weather this perfect since we were in Mexico not too long ago  🙂

We spent a good amount of time outdoors this weekend and we spent time together (Alex had sunday off) and we saw friends– so really, what more could we ask for? It was muy bueno. Anyway, I’ll share pictures later— for now: TULUM!

So after our first leg of our Mexico trip, we rented a car and headed south. I had brought a book and thought there would be lots of beach reading time— but as you’ll see by pictures, we really didn’t do the beach. I was super happy staying in the jungle side, enjoying the sun and the bits of breeze, meeting new and random people, just hanging out. I have loads of pictures to share– and I’m going to try to link a few places too (as many as I can remember and as many that have sites as I can– most places don’t in Tulum!) cause I know you guys are always asking whats where and where’s where and whatever! And every place was so wonderful, I’m sure you’ll enjoy them too!

We enjoy staying on the beach road in Tulum, we’ve yet to stay in town. But we like having a car to head back and forth to town as needed and wanted. First things first— we drove right into town to find food. 

We headed to this veggie place– I dont remember the name– but there was nothing that was super calling our tastebuds on the menu so I got a smoothie to hold me over and we headed out to find other option. 

We stopped in another vegetarian place that was right on the main highway (307)– just at the beginning of town. It was super cute, food was okay. We were pleased.

Then we headed right over to Residencia Gorilla. So funny story– the first time we went to Tulum we stayed right next door in an airbnb (I dont think it’s an airbnb anymore). It was the day we got married and didn’t have much plans other than have fun together. We decided to step inside the place next door and have a seat at the bar/kitchen and order drinks. 3 years later (this time around) we learned the place was never actually a bar but they just let us in and served us anyway haha! Well, it all worked out, because we got to learn about this art residency, the neat stuff their doing, and make friends along the way. Basically they hosts artist from around the world to come make art in the jungle and collaborate on eco-projects together. Rad, right? This time around it was super nice to explore the house in the daytime and plop ourselves on the roof in rocking chairs to enjoy the breeze and jungle. 


In the morning we’d make our way down the super nerve wracking flight of stairs for breakfast. 

onions, love? 

hangover cures, love? 
seriously, best house host^ thank you roberto. 

We’d then go for walks along the beach road, stopping in shops, admiring art and flora, just enjoying or time together. 

I need to get this book.

And of course there were coconuts. Lots of coconuts. 
The second day we made our way into town to pick up produce. And not pinatas— though I wanted pinatas. We decided we were going to make dinner for the Residencia Gorilla family and stocked up on a bunch of stuff to do just that. 

I love seeing chamomile on the shelves! 

these papayas were basically the size of my body. 

my basket friend. 

After picking up everything we needed we stopped into the Tulum Art Club for coffee. Ps. Since the trip I have been able to (painfully) wean myself off coffee again. I love it so much, but I know my body does better with out it. tear. 

We then headed back to the residencia to chill out a bit and start making dinner. Veggie tamales with mole for everyone! You can find a similar recipe in my cookbook 🙂 I get a lot of questions about eating in other countries– if I’m ever scared about getting a stomach thing or whatever. And to be completely honest with you— I’ve had food poisoning three times— but every single time was here in the states. Never outside the country. I did have a bit of stomach issues one day on this Mexico trip– but really, I think it was from the food WE made! I just dont think my body is ready to handle that sort of fat and masa just yet. My body was like “whoa whoa whoa. too much.” Otherwise, I’m good! 

I ended up finding flower pants in mexico. A lot of people asked about this top^ on instagram– it’s just a black body suit. Also, I can’t tell you how bad I want an outdoor kitchen! I love cooking outside so much. Night time came, people ate, there was lots of tequila. I was half awake and half asleep– but enjoying my time seeing and hearing so many people from so many different places chat while I took it all in in a deep sleepy haze. 

Woke up and found a party the next morning. 

Must build outdoor kitchen + outdoor rooftop zen deck. 

so much art to look at. 

so many things to climb up and down.

another day another breakfast.

And a good amount of this too. 
It was such a good trip. And I have so many more photos exploring even more of the beach road and what not. Maybe tomorrow or the next day! I hope you guys all had a wonderful weekend. I’ve got a super busy week ahead of me– a lot to catch up on since being sick for so long. woof, not fun— but looking forward to having all my things together again. I hope you guys have a wonderful week! Happy monday! 

see photos from our past tulum trip HERE.


  1. Looks so amazing! Good job on the coffee too – I swear, giving it up is as bad as quitting smoking?

    • I've never smoked before- but I can imagine! The headaches are intense for caffeine addictions man!

    • I'm ashamed to say that I have. I used to roll my own cigarettes back when I was a bartender, and convinced myself that it was healthier, but my yellow fingers told a different story – yuck!
      But genuinely, I think the caffeine withdrawal headaches are worse!

    • woo! I'm putting up the second post this week— more restaurants and things 🙂 You'll love it!

  2. A really busy week ahead here too, I can relate to that. Gorgeous photos of Tulum, I love how green everything is, especially that roof deck. I have a bit of a thing for roof terraces, it's that feeling of being high up in a nest in the trees I think. Is the language barrier much of a problem in Mexico? Seeing the sign in English made me wonder if it's fairly widely spoken in the more touristy areas. You've definitely made me want to visit with your beautiful colourful photos, somehow even far from home they're very "you". Good luck with your busy week Drea. CJ xx