I’ve been unbearably sick this week. 53 weeks now of sickness. I’m counting. Everyday I’m counting. I just feel like at some point I should be able to wake up and be like, “wow, I’m not struggling to function anymore!” you know? Maybe? I used to be able to fight off everything. Marlowe would bring home germs from daycare and I would maybe feel a bit crummy for half a day, but by the end of it, I’d be fine. Alex used to be sick all the time when he worked at the other restaurant and on (unnecessary) antibiotics all the time (cringe) and I wouldn’t get it. Overall, I am getting better, but man my immune system got shook hard last year. I keep telling myself  “15 months is the marking point, to get it better after all those drugs” maybe. hopefully.

I now have my first sinus infection in 9 years. NINE years. I literally had chronic sinus infections month after month year after year until I became vegan. After one month of being vegan and I never had a sinus infection again… until now. Not sure how or why. Just hoping its a one time fluke that never comes back. It’s been just about a week on the couch now…. well, I started in the bedroom and moved myself to the couch three days ago— more light, more air, less dog hair (maybe). Speaking of dog hair, I can’t help but look at Jerry and think, “are you why this sinus infection is here? you came back and I got a sinus infection” But for real. I started getting it about three weeks ago, maybe a week after we got him back? Right before Mexico. I did all the tricks, neti pots, elderberry syrup, ginger garlic shots, oregano oil, mass amounts of fluid and vitamin C, and it subsided— boogers gone. I came back from Mexico— feeling slightly under the weather, but not terrible. But then I just started feeling worse until a full blown sinus infection came. Fever for the past 5 days, snot party all day long, my face hurts so much that I can’t eat, all the good stuff.

Anyway, it’s just a sinus infection, it will pass. And I’m not going to be stupid like I was in my college years and assume I need an antibiotic for it— you don’t, you really don’t. I wish I had read the research then, but whatever, water under the bridge. I’m just going to keep moving forward— like I have been doing. Thats all I can do. And hope that each day gets better, not just with the sinus infection, but with everything. If you need me, well, my phone is mostly not by my side, my computer has been off with the exception of the few hours that I tune out with something to watch (mostly stare at), I’m basically useless, but I’m here. The photo above is hardly accurate too, I’m mostly curled up on my side 😉

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say hi, share whats going on, and tell you, I hope you guys have a wonderful week— seriously, the best week ever, because, WHY NOT.  I know if you’re in the West Palm area, you or someone you know is probably sick— which makes me really mad, cause what the hell is going on? EVERYONE around here is freaking sick, it’s scary! But hopefully everyone is happy, living, and thriving.

Hopefully, I’ll have more energy to get at my desk and edit photos later. I still have lots of photos from Tulum to share, a beautiful post on flower foraging, and a bunch of other things in draft that I can’t remember right now. Happy monday, friends.

With love,
Drea on the couch.

ps. I know you guys sometimes ask me from time to time where I’ve purchased things or what location I’m at (you know, outside of the house, not on the couch), and I’m trying to do my absolutely best to link everything. You can usually find things linked in the post– and I have started to try to geo-tag as well! Sometimes I forget or dont realize things, but I’m trying! The two pillows to the left (on the other couch) are currently on sale, here. The blue pillow is nena and co (I had a giveaway for them on my instagram a while back)  The couch is not available anymore. And my pants are now about 5 years old– and slowly wearing holes into the butt 😉 


  1. Hi sweet Drea, I hope you feel better soon! Have you ever researched Ayurveda? It's the tradition system of Indian medicine associated with yoga. I'm wondering if your dosha is out of balance and that's why you're more susceptible to infection. I would guess you are vata, that's my type as well, and whenever it's out of balance (or travel) I get sick easily! Try eating more warm nourishing cooked foods and steam inhalation of basil leaves. I'm so sorry that you're not feeling well, it's incredibly frustrating to be sick when you just want to carry on with life!

  2. Have you tried inhaling eucalyptus oil vapours? It needs to be done frequently but it helps relieve the congestion quickly if done as often as possible. take care, Drea.

  3. Drea, it just doesn't seem fair, I'm so sorry you've been struck down with a sinus infection on top of everything else. There are germs round here at the moment as well, we've all had a virus that has made us a bit wobbly. I hope you have a swift recovery. CJ xx

    • It all goes hand in hand really. Unfortunately. One thing leading to another— hopefully at some point the chain breaks <3 Hope you guys are all germ free!

  4. I had a sinus infection that wouldn't go away so the doctor had to finally prescribe me antibiotics and it went away in a day. She explained that although sinus infections start out viral, if they linger for too long bacteria tends to get trapped in the sinus cavity and exacerbate the symptoms. Antibiotics aren't all bad! In fact they are far and away mostly good. They save so many lives. I'm sorry about your c.diff (my younger brother had it when he was just a kid and it was horrible) but that doesn't mean you should altogether dismiss antibiotics.

    • Well I def. dont dismiss antibiotics all together. Sometimes they are really the only option when things get out of hand— like, even strept throat can kill you if it gets bad enough— which is easily treated with antibiotics– so I get it! There's no need to let something kill you when you can treat it with antibiotics. But with MOST sinus infections, it's not needed, they go away in 7 to 10 days on their own with home care. And bacterial or viral– our bodies are designed to kill both. It's a huge misconception that our bodies need antibiotics to fight a bacteria. We're fighting bacteria all the time without them. But yeah, if we don't have the good bacteria in our bodies to fight he bad bacteria, then we're screwed! And unfortunately many of us in our generations don't have a lot of good guys on our side– we've killed them off and created super bugs because of drug overuse. I recommended a book a few months ago, 'missing microbes'. You might like it!

    • Thanks for acknowledging this, Drea– standard care for sinusitis is actually supportive (i.e. no antimicrobials) unless it's going on for a pretty long time (several weeks) and/or someone has high fevers or another indicator that they're very sick. I am really sorry antibiotics did this to you- I truly am. But I also see them save lives. I'll having to look into reading Missing Microbes one of these days 🙂

  5. Hopefully it's just a weird spring with extra allergens in the air or something, that we'll all get through and survive!!

  6. I think its been a ruff winter and spring it seems on everyone. I caught everything under the sun last year (babysitting my 2 grandchildren only once a week) and I caught everything. Also, traveling out of the Country (sorry especially Mexico) is Germ Bonanza and those airplanes and airports. Don't blame your dog lol he probably never travels! Get well soon just let your body heal itself….

    • its true. literally every other person I know in my town is sick. and if they're not sick, someone in their family is sick. It makes me feel less crazy– but it's still a lot! But haha, "dont blame the dog, he probably never travels!" I love that so much. Unfortunately I kind of do have to give him the side eye. I developed a lot of weird and sucky allergies since I got c. diff— dogs being one of them. He came back in the house one month ago and I've been sick ever since with nasal stuff— except for the week I was away. And I hadn't been sick with nasal stuff in for-ev-er. Gotta question the poor dog, even if he doesn't mean it.

  7. I hope you get to feeling better short term over the sinus infection and long term over the illness that has been plaguing you for so long. I'm believing good health for you!

    • thank you thank you. I guesss all there is is to believe. some days I'm like, 'well, what if I never actually get better?' but I'm like, I just gotta believe it.