I’ve always been a huge picture taker. Always always. In college I always had a disposable camera or digital camera in hand. A few years later I would always have my phone and a digital camera in hand. I’ve gone in an out of phases with having myself in photos, but I’ve always-always been a picture taker. There are too many time where I wish I had had a better system for my photos– ways to share photos with you guys here. I’ve lost a lot of photos in transit through the years– I’m still trying to find a picture of my oversized weaving loom I had. It tok up the whole dining room! It was so wonderful, I could make full rugs on it! Anyway, it happens. I’m trying to let go (emotionally) of lost photos and I’m super grateful for all the real print photos I do still have. And even more grateful that there are easy options like Legacybox to convert and store old photos and film to everyday digital format.

Legacybox is so awesome. I literally shed a happy tear from this box. It’s super simple, they send you a box and you can fill it with all your photo and film memories and Legacybox converts it all and sends back all your photos as well as a disk (or an optional thumb drive) to take your images and put them right on your computer. You can send in anything from super-8’s, VHS, printed photos, rolls of film, whatever! Round trip shipping is included and everything.

I immediately called my dad and was like “do you have old films to convert?” and he did! Three to be exact. And he had no idea what was on them— he just had them sitting there tucked away from my grandpa. I cried when I opened up the folder to find black and white, sounds videos of my grandparents— in canada, on a lake, during christmas. My dad had been holding onto footage from tears and years before, from long before I was born.  It was so magical to see my grandparents again through film. It makes me want to film so much more than I do. I love photos, I always will, but man, I need to record more moments too!

The whole process just takes a few weeks. Legacybox sends you a crush-proof box. You fill it up with what you have– making sure to put way bar-code stickers on it (that they send you) this ensure that you can track their progress and safety! Check off all the steps on your checklist, send it back, and in a few weeks everything is back at your door. Super easy. I can’t wait to do it again! I’m going to scan my moms basement for films hone I head up to Massachusetts this summer. And since sending off the box my dad has found more VHS’s from my childhood– probably me in Colombia! I can’t wait. Also— I was going to upload the videos sent back— but it ends super creepy at a funeral— I don’t know who’s funeral, maybe a great uncle or something. The whole video thing is really surreal— not just the funeral, but getting to see everything again. I know I’m repeating myself, but it’s really rad.

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Loads of vintage and embarrassing photos under the cut 🙂

channeling michelle tanner. 


This is still probably an accurate image of how flexible I am. read: not at all. 


I dont think my dad was actually ever a yankees fan. just sayin’

collegeeeeeee. pretty sure this was the day I got my lip pierced.  

how I feel right now. 

my hippie heart made friends with a three legged dog. 

blondie in green on st. patricks day.

that time I moved across the country to arizona on a whim. 

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  1. I love this post and can't even tell you how up my street Legacybox is! I'm a big memory keeper and would love to send of an 8mm reel I found last year. Thank you for sharing this ❤

    Erin | beingerin.com

  2. Fantastic, photos are such treasure aren't they. I can wile away hours looking at ours. Gorgeous little Drea looks so much like gorgeous little Marlowe. CJ xx

  3. I love this. I'm constantly taking photos of everything. I somehow managed to take over 3000 photos while we've been in Dublin and now that we are in beautiful sunny Cape Town I'm sure to beat that record number. You really made me want to take more videos, its the one thing I do the least, but probably something I will cherish in years to come.


  4. Great! I have tons of digital photo's I should shift through. I'm trying to take less pictures, because it's getting all too much to manage. But film is another thing. Hearing the voices of my kids…because you forget how they spoke.
    Marlowe looks just like you!

  5. That is great!! Photos are great, such an easy memory keeper <3
    This photo of a little blond girl in pink with a gentleman wearing a striped shirt -is that you?? If so, you look just like Marlowe (or the opposite I guess :p)

  6. It's always funny thing browsing through old family photos,….never get tired of it,..especially on the family gatherings,..hahaha,…<3