bougainvillea is always in bloom here, but we have the seasons where its REALLY in bloom and amazing. 

same with the jasmine in our backyard. it makes everything smell so delicious. 

she’s a terrible cuddler really, but she gets it from me. 
also, now that i finally got shorts, you can expect them to be in all photos since they’re the only ones that really fit. I’m a terrible fashion blogger, haha. but I am trying to link clothes more since you guys keep asking! 🙂 

basically every single day we do this now— I pick her up from school, we head home and make banana strawberry ice-cream, toss it in a GF cone, and sit on porch together and eat it. it’s the best.

“look mom, we took a selfie!”

coffee dates with him. decaf for me. and he said my cookie looked like poop. but whatever, it was delicious poop.

and popsicle dates with her. the lady at the farmers market makes the best ones— only a touch of natural sweetener, coconuts from her neighborhood, all the good stuff!
glasses / hat

came home and found a giant stag horn on my porch. this thing weighs more than me! And better yet, we finally hung it this weekend. our backyard is pergola is looking nice!

silly lady– but she’s probably hiding from my snapchat haha.

our backyard turned into a tomato jungle this season. It’s been great though! so many tomatoes! also, I haven’t been a birkenstock girl since like, 7th grade. I never thought they were all that comfortable. But a year or two ago my brother accidentally ordered a kid size pair that fit me, so I took them in. And every so often I wear them– well, two years later, they’re broken in and actually quite comfortable. I still don’t think they’re all that attractive though. But whatever, again, not a fashion blog. 

cutest print. 

sunday mornings.

and our first egg! (they’ve all been so tiny!) hooray!