-I’m currently on the phone with my bank because apparently my bank was like “whoa whoa whoa, three purchases in two days? not from whole foods!? This can’t be right” haha. But yes, I made three large purchases. Apparently me buying a new computer, a pair of shorts, and paying for a doctor visit is alarming to my bank haha. Fair enough.

-I’m also currently sitting here with a headache, because apparently ONE glass of wine gives me a headache now. I’m a bluehair at this point, it’s funny. And a little concerning since I planned to drink a bit more than one glass of wine in France this summer. We’ll see how that goes. The good news is that glass of wine was had on a double date with Alex and who we like to call, my other boyfriend— and his girlfriend too. Good times.

-I’m also a super proud and happy mama! We had Marlowe tested this week and she qualified in the gifted range! As you guys may know, Marlowe is going into kindergarten next year and we’ve been trying to figure out that whole plan. The schools are pretty crappy here in Florida and I definitely wouldn’t call them safe, but there are some options (I guess). This opens up her possibilities and future school plans A LOT.  Not that there’s a ton more options, but now theres better options. Go M! When telling friends the good news everyone just sort of gave me a “well duh drea.” It’s been the running joke for a while now that Marlowe could survive without us for a long while and could probably hold a job better than most of the adults we know. Haha. She’s a good kid.

-So I keep posting about these damn chickens we have. And I guess the consensus is, we’re just the worst chicken farmers ever. Now we think we were wrong and the chicken is really a hen and not a rooster. It’s been confusing for us, if you couldn’t tell. Either way, we still dont have eggs. Maybe they just hate us.

-Alex has been baking like crazy. I wake up to the smell of bread in the morning and it’s the most delicious (smelling) thing ever. I’m still gluten free and it’s hard since I want to eat his bread! But right now my plan is continue this path and if I can go TWO months without issues or without being sick, then I will see how my body does with his bread— real bread. You know, the naturally leavened organic good stuff. Non of that bleached and enriched overly processed stuff. I’m just hoping my body says, “yes, this is something you can occasionally eat, drea!” I miss it. Not just the ‘shoving it n my face’ part, but the whole ritual of it. For 9-ish years now, he’s been making bread, we’ve been slicing fruit, and setting up platters for things on toast together. It was our weekend tradition for so long. I need to find old pictures, I know I have at least one. We’ll see what happens! Two months is my self given timeframe– hopefully no longer.

-Felicity has been my show of choice lately. Did you guys love that show growing up? I know the show majorly made me up my sweater game in 7th grade (or whenever it was) haha. I’m loving it. I’ve already admitted this on snapchat, but Ben and Noel are very hot. I’m not ashamed. Speaking of snapchat— I don’t try to promote mine too much, because its just the most ridiculous garbage I could post for you guys, but it’s there and funny. Sometimes I don’t use it at all. Sometimes I use it too much. It’s mostly junk, haha.

-I’m tweaking my workspace againnnn. Not the whole room (I dont think), just this wall area for now. I bought a smaller desk. It’s a big desk, but smaller compared to the one before. I’ve been looking for a desk for two years now– it’s tough to find one! This isn’t my dream one, but it was a decent price and the reviews were great, so I pulled the trigger did it! Alex basically says I’m the worst decision maker in the world. And thats half true. Maybe. Haha. I know what I don’t want. But when it’s two (or more) things I want, then I’m happy with whatever. Which means I dont like to choose between them. Makes sense, right? I’m also making room for a new computer. Anyone want to come help decorate? That’d be nice, thanks.

-Speaking of working on spaces, you should see our garden. HOLY OVERGROWN. Maybe I’ll go snapchat it later. It’s a jungle out there. We’re going to change up the space soon. Still garden, but a new and more manageable garden game plan. This one is not sustainable unless we tend to it all the time, and sometimes life gets too hectic for it. And I want to fix up the pergola area— make it more comfortable for lounging. Hopefully we can start that this week!

Alright friends, I’m off to make my morning oatmeal, vacuum, and try to get stuff done! I’m not sure why I decided to spit out a bunch of random brain farts today, but hopefully thats cool. If I promised you guys any recipes or posts that you’ve been waiting for, please feel free to let me know. I feel like I have and I’ve lapsed. Have a good tuesday friends! Talk soon! 


  1. I would love a recipe for bread (or is there one somewhere? I couldn't find any) – maybe from Alex? I was thinking about making a sourdough bread from scratch, but when googling the information is quite controversial (very easy vs. dangerous because of bad bacteria developing)

  2. Well done to all of you!Random thoughts are the best 🙂
    Since we are on random thoughts, I should tell you that we had vegetable tacos and everyone's (including us) favorite potatoes yesterday for lunch and we loved it!!! We used chanterelle wild mushrooms which we collect from the woods (yeah!!) and my husband really thought it was minced meat for a moment. I also bought an extra book for my veggie friend Bee and she also adores it!
    We both thank you for the best cookbook 😀

  3. Well done Marlowe (and Marlowe's parents!) that's great news, I hope you find the right school for her. No doubt she will fly wherever she goes, she is a credit to you both. CJ xx

  4. I loved this post. And I have an unnatural obsession with Felicity and Keri Russell in general. She has a similar body type to mine (and yours I guess!) and her style is spot on. I love her a lot. Also Ben and Noel. 😉

    • exactly this 🙂 When I do eat bread— it'll only be real bread– because thats the kind thats actually digestible and somewhat useful/nutritious in our bodies 🙂

  5. Hi Drea! I'm not sure if you have a rooster or not (I don't keep up that closely on your chicken population), but my Dad has chickens for eggs, and he had to get a rooster for the hens to lay eggs. Turns out if they don't have a man around to give them offspring, they lose their motivation/need to lay eggs. Just a thought…could help your problem.

    • Hey just wanted to let you know this an common misconception! they do not need roosters around to lay. source: I'm a chicken farmer

  6. Not sure how far you are from the Boca Raton area, but Addison Mizner elementary is a great school for gifted kids. (If she's zoned for it- no idea how that stuff works.) Exciting news regardless- you must be proud parents right now 🙂

    • thats a bit far from us– but very good to know! As Alex said, "well, we kind of knew it" which is true– but then sometimes you have to stop and ask yourself "is it just cause I'm her parent that I feel she's a bit advanced?" haha. But yeah, we always sort of knew anyway– she's just a really good and sweet kid. We're very proud and lucky parents 🙂 Thank you!