Happy friday, friends! How was your week? Ours was pretty good. The weather has been warming up a bit, but otherwise still super nice. I’ve been getting out more (HOORAY!) and thing are just overall working out pretty well. I’m dreaming about going back to Mexico—  I’m quite certain we will again this year, but in the meantime, here are the last bits of our Mexico trip for you guys 🙂 You can see the first few days of our Tulum trip HERE. And our entire magical trip to Mexico HERE. And of course, I’ll try to link as much as possible!

coconuts in sunshine, is there anything better? No. I know I already said this, but it’s a rule that Alex and I will never ever live somewhere where there are no coconuts. Tropical fruits are such a staple in our lives. I mean, the last bbq with friends had plantains and coconuts on the table, haha!

So I already told you guys about our favorite Mexico resort— well, the owner also owns a vegan taco truck! That weird looking dish in the middle was complete MAGIC. It was a plaintain with some sort of vegan cream + syrup. It tasted like my childhood: waffles + cream. We enjoyed the tacos, but LOVED the plantain.

We walked around a lot. We always enjoy renting a car when we travel so we can go to and fro as we please– but we did spend a good amount of time just exploring by foot. So many pretty things to look at.

As mentioned, we really didn’t go to the beach. I think this was the only bit of beach time we really did. And I was mostly in the shade 🙂

I had heard about Restaurare the first time we went to Tulum, but figured it would be some weird vegan joint. Don’t ask me why, I just assumed. But this time around a few people suggested it– and we listened. And we were so happy we did. It was really good!

mayan curry. nom.

We also found and tried this new to us Indian place, Shiva Tulum. It wasn’t there the first time we went. I guess they opened just a few months later. The vibe was good, the service was good, the food was okay, I just wanted it spiced up a notch. But it was a really good dinner experience. I thought it was pretty rad and coincidental to find myself eating here on the eve of Holi 🙂

My handsome man in my scarf. I’ve decided he can pull off anything as long as he has his beard 😉 
I know I said this, but I would have stayed longer if Marlowe was with us. No question about it. We were both sad to leave. The morning of our flight we headed into town for some easy food at Del Cielo. I got oats and gave the man my banana and a purple smoothie too 🙂 We both left Tulum covered in lemongrass, sand, and sun. 

I can’t wait to get back there and get out and travel again in general. I do love our home, but man I love exploring too.

I hope you guys have a great weekend. Thanks for being here. Thanks for being rad. Thanks for (hopefully) not unfollowing me when you see me actually speak on snapchat. Thanks for everything. Happy friend, friends <3


  1. I think i may have the same Mexico obsession as you. We just came back from our mexico trip and I want to go back already! I love this, you captured so many great colors and textures, just so pretty! These posts are so great 🙂

  2. I LOVE MEXICO! and I love your posts on Mexico, too!
    I've only been to Tulum twice but it's definitely on my top 5 list of favorite world places.

    Both times I visited Tulum, we were staying in Playa Del Carmen and just took the collectivo to Tulum for day trips but I'd love if you could share a little bit about renting a car down there…do you pick up the rental in Cancun at the airport and drive down to Tulum on the 307? I know when we take a taxi from the airport sometimes they stop on the side of the road at the toll stand (or whatever those are) but sometimes they don't – how did you figure out when you do or don't need to pay the highway toll?
    Somehow I'm just a tad intimidated by the federales with automatic weapons manning the booths haha!
    Thanks for any advice or input you might have on this!

    • Hi! So the first time we did it we rented a car from cancun airport and just drove down. The second time we had a car rental place pick us up at a hotel and drive us to the car rental place where we rented the car and then drove down to tulum. We've never had a toll stop. Usually you can tell when you need to stop– for payment or security reasons. But for the most part, in my experience, they're left open and there for events/emergencies. hope that helps!

  3. Hi Drea, where did you find that dress? I think I've seen it before in one of your posts, and I'm obsessed.

  4. where are those white shoes from?? i love them, and they seem to go with everything. always love seeing your colorful pictures. 🙂