Hi from the couch again! Happy to say I’m feeling slightly better. No fever today. Less gross stuff. Overall on the mend. It’s been a long, slow painful week. As far as food, well, Marlowe and I have been struggling a bit. Well, I’ve been struggling a bit, I dont know if Marlowe has noticed or cared too much haha. But when you’re going with a pretty high fever for a few days, making dinner can be quite a task. You know? You parents know. Parenthood can be a pain in the butt like that. Alex has helped where he can, but he’s been working a lot and busy in general—- but we’ve made it through. Just like always, we’ve made it through. Some of these photos are from last month actually– just waiting to be posted. A lot are in the past two weeks. We’ve been on a huge millet kick lately. I’m really happy Marlowe likes it— she’s always pretty hesitant about grains that aren’t rice, but she describes millet to be “something like a cheesy flavor with a rice texture” haha. I like it because it’s packed with extra protein, candida friendly, and gluten free– overall I find it to be a great substitution for rice. Anyway, maybe try it if you haven’t! Here’s some food photos for you before I go eat lunch myself <3

I swear I posted this, but maybe not. I know I posted it on IG– but then maybe deleted it? Anyway— avocado, hummus with smoked paprika, carrots, and a store bought (leftover) artichoke ravioli with red sauce. She ended up not eating the ravioli, said she likes mine better 😉 Okay with me. The girl knows homemade for sure. 

brunching’ with family. Alex has decided to start calling me a ‘veggan’. Thats the new term, right? A vegan who eats ethical eggs– a ‘veggan’. Haha, whatever. So yeah, I know I got back and forth on here and in life, but sometimes I eat them, sometimes I don’t. Depends on my mood and the situation. Marlowe maybe has 1 or 2 a month.
Speaking of eggs— I mentioned this on instagram a few days ago– but can you believe we got a freaking rooster— AGAIN?! We got them so big this time, it should have been obvious! How does that happen?! Only one this time, but still!  I’m starting to think the universe doesn’t want us to be chicken farmers. 

I think I mentioned this, but broccoli is her new favorite veg. She happily snacks on it everyday! Win! That was my worst enemy as a child. I missed my first ever sleepover party because I wouldn’t eat ONE piece of broccoli. Stubborn vibes forever. 

Chickpeas cooked with spinach, tomatoes, carrots, probably some zucchini. and there might be a plantain in there— I dont remember to be honest. 

Veggie curry with a side of millet and spinach with kimchi for me. veggie curry (chopped small) tossed with brown rice and side of peas for her. The curry is similar to the one in cookbook, but with a lot less water to make it more of a dry curry— I love it both ways, depending on my mood. 

chickpea patties. Ended up eating black beans too. 

broccoli and millet snacks/dinner? sometimes it’s kind of a 4 hour thing of jut eating random things like this— not a complete meal, but luckily its all healthy. Again, we do what we can. 

apples. so many apples. the girl seriously keeps the apple and banana industry alive.

it’s basically a veggie fried rice (like in cookbook), but with millet 🙂 

peas, chickpea patty, cauliflower + red potato mash.

black beans cooked with veggies over millet with avocado. 

more broccoli with brown rice pasta, red sauce, and loads of nutritional yeast.

smoothies so many smoothies. girl loves them. this one is banana and berries with almond milk. also, I’ve def. given up our cups this week– upgraded to a giant mason jar and and a giant (handblown!) glass straw.  so much more liquid intake happening. Also, is anyone else per weird– I only like drinking out of clear glass straws— the metal ones bother me cause I can’t see if there’s junk stuck inside, haha. 

Alright guys— I’m off to eat lunch myself. I hope you’re having a good day. Thanks for being here.


  1. It all looks sooo good! Agh my normally great food eater has lately tarted getting fussy on going on vegetable strike nooooooooooooo! Better nip that one in the butt as soon as we can! Anyway I also just wanted to say that your cookbook is my number one go-to (in fact it's really the only book I use because I'm not too much of a follow the rules kind of person). Everything I have made has been amazing!! Bean and rice is now a staple. SO thank you very much. x

  2. Millet, all day. My step-mom makes millet porridge, which is a nice change. And totally with you in the straw thing!

  3. I'm so impressed with how much home-made goodness you put on your kid's plate. Seriously- you deserve a medal. I work with kids and families all the time reinforcing healthy eating habits- not one of them eats this clean, I can promise you that. Major props to you.

  4. I'm so with you on broccoli being the old enemy. It tastes so good though! Marlowe is motivating me to snack on it like they're chips. 😛 I love millet!! I am slightly intolerant to it (had a big food allergy test done awhile ago… so many things I love came up on it – boo!) though so I don't eat it much. I should though… I ordered metal straws on amazon and I don't like how cold they get! I don't want to go plastic but I am picky soo we'll see.

  5. Yum, looks so good, I wish I had M's meals, especially if someone could make them for me, that'd be ideal! But am actually planning on trying to figure out how to eat more like this on the cheap (outside of the US, so kinda trickier!). So thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  6. Such deliciousness. We get through an insane amount of apples here as well, I can't keep up. I've planted six apple trees to try and help. Glad you're feeling a little better, hope tomorrow is better again. CJ xx

  7. Thank you for keeping my cravings in full swing, Drea.
    If I'm ever hungry these days it's not due to the lack of inspiration 😉

    Take care my friend xx