black bean soup topped with avocado + kale chips
so when we go to bbq type things we try to keep it simple. we usually bring some veggies and plantains to grille for me and M and then either a veggie burger or some super quick and easy black beans. and there’s always guac—- cause, duh. so that too. 
smoothies forever.
I basically put spinach or arugula in everything. black beans with spinach + millet with spinach. there’s also some carrots and other veg in the black beans too. 
super quick and easy calentado. recipe in cookbook 🙂 
saag with peas and lentil pancakes.
carrots and white bean dip.
chana masala with a bit of carrots, cauliflower, tempeh, and greens. 
had a bunch of leftover scraps from making kimchi, made her a coleslaw. 
green soup + chickpea salad (see really old recipe HERE or updated recipe in cookbook 🙂 
black beans + greens, millet + peas, roasted broccoli. 
millet with loads of veggie + tofu and ginger.
said springrolls— seriously one of our favorites. I’d eat them everyday if I could. well, I could so maybe I should. I’ve been baking hers she loves it. 


  1. I just thought of the best question for you! I have a 5 year old entering k next year and I'm already brainstorming lunch ideas. I'm assuming you pack lunch for her, right? So what do you pack? Could you do a week of pictures for us? It would be super inspirational.

    • no, not at all. the other day she was pretending to be a jaguar and said she was going to pretend her strawberries were meat. I ask, well, do you want real meat?" and she made a "hell no" face. She doesn't want to eat animals. If she did ask to try it we would have the conversation about what exactly she's eating– the animal, the part of animal, etc. And then she could decide from there.

  2. I love these posts and I love your blog. It's seriously my favorite and now that I have a three year old of my own, it's the only one I follow regularly. Thanks for all of it!

  3. Love the Indian inspired dishes. And you've reminded me that I need to sow some spinach seeds. CJ xx