Have you guys heard of thredUP?! If you haven’t I’m preeeety sure you’re going to be excited to hear about them now. I mean, I was for sure. Because even though I’m not the most fashion-y person, I still do like to get some new clothes from time to time. Especially since I lost so much weight this year and like, 95% of my pants don’t fit me— but thats another topic for another day.So anyway, thredUP— it’s basically second hand shopping, online– which means I get to go thrifting for clothes– but in a much more organized, clean and stress free way 🙂 And you can sort the clothes by size or brand– so you’re not sorting through racks and racks of stuff hoping to find one thing that fits.

It’s just that for me, I understand fashion and I totally understand how wearing something new feels nice (trust me, I get it), but at the same time, being over consumed with fashion doesn’t necessarily do good things for the earth— most of the time anyway. I like thredUP because you still get new (to you) clothes– which still have that *yay I got something new* quality, but are waaaay more sustainable because they’re second hand.

Our culture is going through a lot of clothing with these quick fashion trends lately– you know? And while I don’t think its completely terrible to buy new clothes (I’ve probably bought more new clothes in the past three months than i have in the past three years), I do think it’s best to try to make conscious choices about the clothes we make. I’ve talked about this in the past you know– you guys liked this post. And if the environment isn’t a reason to consider buying second hand, then what about your poor wallet? thredUp offers 90% off retails prices! Everything from Madewell, Micheal Kors, Levis– whatever you’re looking for basically!

I prefer online shopping to begin with– but it’s super rad to be able to shop like this. And then TADA, a few days later, everything shows up in a nice little box at your door! I bought myself three pairs of pants and a madewell top. The Madewell top would have retailed somewhere around 80-90$ but was only 25$ on thredUP 🙂 The blue patterned pants (also Madewell) will probably have to wait until fall/winter comes back around, but the patched jeans have been my go to around here lately. The patched jeans are Point Sur Denim– which to be honest I hadn’t heard of before, but are somewhere around 200$ bucks a pair! I got them for 47$ 🙂 I seriously wouldn’t have bought another pair of jeans for a long time— because i typically hate jeans hopping so much— even though I need to (really only have one fitting pair)– but this was just too easy!

You can even send out your own old clothes to sell on thredUP too 🙂

Some fun secondhand facts:
-thredUP has upcycled 14,009,055 items as of the end of 2015
-Every Clean Out Bag sent to thredUP keeps 206lbs of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, saves 17,916 gallons of water, and keeps 24 items out of landfills.

Want a discount?!?
Get 40% off your entire first-time order by clicking HERE and using code “DREA40”
*offer expires in 7 days. discount up to 50$
Hooray! Happy environmentally safe, money saving, shopping, friends!



  1. I recently sold clothes through Thred up and got $22 for clothes they priced for over $150. So…. Buying from them is great, selling not so much.

  2. I tried to use the discount to get some awesome used baby clothes (why buy new when they outgrow so soon anyways!) and the customer service rep said the code isn't valid until 5/31. You might want to check on that? <3

    • Nevermind, I think you updated the code since I refreshed the page 🙂 THANKS!

  3. SO into this!
    I spent all of last year only thrifting as a challenge to myself and a way to live more sustainably, which was super great but also took a lot of effort and time to actually find stuff in the thrift stores. To be fair, I love the treasure hunt feel of it, but on some days and with certain schedules it becomes too hard.
    These are excellent finds and I am stoked to look at what they have on the site 😉

    • it's true! we go through phases of going shopping and not– and lately i just don't have time to rummage like I'd like 🙂

  4. Hi Drea, I'm getting a weird error message "promo code not yet activated" when attempting to use! Just a heads up. Love Thred Up btw.

    • ah okay! Sorry about that! I'm writing in now— I should have a response (and activation) within a few hours! Sorry about that!