Happy friday!

What do you guys have planned this weekend? We’re sort of all over the place. I’ve been making plans on top of plans lately and then doing about a quarter of them. Which totally works for me. We might have friends over. We might head to Miami. We might make a cactus garden on the front lawn. Who knows! So many possibilities, right?!

All over the place lately. This California trip is giving me anxiety too! So many options! But I have had some decent food recommendations and I got a phone call today with a really good list of other places to check out (thank you, ellen). But I don’t know… because I’m so overwhelmed by the shortness of this trip I’m thinking that maybe a week after we come back (when Marlowe gets out of school), I’ll just plan an even longer trip somewhere (girls trip, her and I).  Somewhere totally rad–  who knows, maybe even back to California, haha. The only thing I know for this upcoming trip is that we have a wedding the 29th and I have half my outfit picked out– the important part anyway, the part that covers my body. Must find dancing shoes. I really should stop babbling and start roaming airbnb for some sleep options. And maybe somebody should help me dress Alex too…. yeah? Or maybe I’ll stop worrying and he can dress himself. As long has he has facial hair, I don’t care what he wears to be quite honest.

Okay. Anywayyyy, I have a bunch of half posts written for next week. I have a list of recipes written down to try to document and share here too. And my email list is semi-tackled. All in all, despite the unsureness of plans, I’m feeling pretty good. (And I hope you guys are too).

Speaking of feeling good— I get bloodworm results back tomorrow. I had a extensive test done the week before I Went into the hospital last year, and I wasn’t low on anything except three amino acids. I’m curious to see where my body is now. I know I ended up being deficient in just about everything after the c. diff. I’m looking forward to finding out! Is that a weird thing to look forward to? Whatever if it is 😉

I hope you guys have an amazing weekend. And a super wonderful mothers day. I know that I for one am forever grateful that I got knocked up and ended up with such an amazing kid. She likes to remind me of how I wanted a boy and then we both laugh at how much freaking cooler it is that she’s a girl. Grateful to have her as my little sidekick in life. What a weird road it was to get to right here— but forever happy to be here.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

*photo by chelsae anne


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