Hey friends! How are you guys doing? I was planning on writing this longer post about mothering– and kid raising— specifically on raising one kid. But you know? I’m just a bit too out of it to get my head writing all those thoughts right now. I have a lot to say. Well, now. I didn’t have a lot to say— but then I had a few people asking me about a follow up to my *only having one kid post* and I figured I should touch base on it— on how I really feel. You know? I’ve wanted to for a few months now. But not today.

I do this thing each night where I lay on my bed for about 5 minutes after I put Marlowe to bed. Just to prep and unwind before whatever else I need to accomplish that night– post dinner clean up, house clean up, emails, editing, blog posts, whatever. But each day this past week I’ve debated just going to sleep in those 5 minutes. And then 5 minutes turns into 30 minutes until I finally drag my butt up to get shit done. You know? I know that happens to more people out there– not just me.

If I could pour myself a glass of wine right now I would. I really would. Honestly, I’m half debating it, but I know my body and mind won’t appreciate it tomorrow. I’ll probably just pour myself a glass of water and crawl into bed and watch Felicity (still watching it)— while peeking up at the giant pile of clothes that needs to get put away. Then I’ll keep thinking “Tomorrow. I’ll handle it tomorrow.” You know? That sounds like a good plan— I mean, it is 11:30 pm already after all!

I went shopping today. GASP. I went looking for shoes and a ball gown– and left the mall with a pair of comfy pants and a candle— so overall, I’d say that was successful, haha. I don’t even like the smell of the candle (or most candles that much in general. I mean I do, but I’m super picky about them!) but I loved the ceramic piece it came in— so yeah. I did finally order (a really expensive) romper online tonight. But I can wear it for my LA trip at the end of the month. And I can wear it for the second wedding night in France this summer. My friend is having a black tie event the first night and the second night the wedding attire states “hawaiian shirt or beret” so I figure that means I should wear a hawaiian dress AND beret, haha. I got this romper. More than I’d like to spend on one article of clothing– but it’s organic— and pretty perfect for a hawaiian themed event in the country side of France, right? Riiiiiiiiiight 😉

In other news, it’s getting hot here. I’m scared. I don’t want summer to come. I don’t want to be trapped inside. I’m already planning my escape. Maybe California with Marlowe to visit my fried Nicolle. Definitely Massachusetts to see my mom. Where else? Who knows– somewhere not here. Speaking of heat– we’re planting a cactus garden in the front yard. Just a small section of the yard. It should look super cute– the front of the house is already pretty nice– but it only gets better with time. The front looks substantially better than when I moved in. We’ve been wanting to paint the house for a while– I really need to pull the trigger and make it happen.

Is this post boring? Haha. I’ve been sharing all my random mind-grapes again– here and on snapchat. I second guess it a lot a lot lately— “does anyone even want to read about me planting a succulent garden? or being a terrible shopper? or me justifying buying things?” who knows. At one point in time, I would like to set up another survey (that first one was SO fun). I also would like to set up an answer/question thing with you guys. Maybe on snapchat—I can have you guys send out a bunch of random questions you’ve always wanted answered and spend an evening answering them– that does sound better than watching Felicity after all. After all, you guys email all sort of things— hair stuff, birth control, favorite places to visit in south florida, whatever– so why not have me in answer them all in one place for one maybe semi entertaining minute? Does that even sound fun?

Speaking of snapchat— I don’t use it daily. And I know I have brought it up here quite a bit lately– but I do like it. Mostly because I feel like you guys get to know more of me through it. I know a lot of you guys have been reading all these words for quite a few years now– but snapchat has helped me to stop hiding my face so much and just show a bit more of (ridiculous) me— a voice to my online voice, I guess you could say. I feel like it’s kind of helped boost me to spit out more of my thoughts here again, like I used to. And it’s definitely made me less camera shy. I think you guys know I don’t like to be in a lot of pictures and share my face a whole lot– but snapchat has really helped me with that. Silly that such a stupid app would actually help me grow out of my own hesitations, but it has. Yay for that.

Alright, I’m going to go wash my face, not put away laundry, and lay down. I hope you guys all have a wonderful friday and weekend! Hooray!


and photo by the wonderful Alex Celis of Celis Produce


  1. I enjoyed this post and I am also looking forward to your thoughts on having an only. As a mother of an only myself, I'm pretty sure that I only want one, but there are always second guesses and wonderings about how my son will do without a sibling. Hearing others thoughts is always nice.

  2. I loved reading this. I love your fashion. You should post more fashion posts. It is extremely difficult to find ethical items that don't cost a fortune, so that would make a great post.

    • Is your snapchat account public? I added you but I haven't seen anything yet so I was thinking you might have a private account?

      I love these posts too 🙂 I'm also a justifying kind of shopper. And I've been lurking your South Florida archives bc I'm visiting w/ my husband this weekend for his 3-0 🙂 We've been really looking forward to it!

    • Omg I just added you.. I'm such a creeper for saying this but omg I know what you sound like and your hubby. you guys are so cute.
      I didn't see Marlowe though 🙁

  3. Just so you know, I love your random posts. I shall look forward to seeing your cactus garden take shape. Gorgeous dress, you'll look lovely in it. Hopefully France will be a bit cooler than southern Florida. England certainly is. CJ xx