After visiting Viscaya, we headed to our favorite farmers market— though I must say, last months farmers market is quickly pushing into first. If they had my fruit pie— then it probably would be my favorite. Though our favorite one holds all the best memories. Anyway—  we visited. And for the most part it was wonderful.

Except for the fact that Marlowe cried— and through a mini tantrum in public– for like, the first time in 3+ years. It was weird, really weird. Because just minutes prior she was the happiest I had seen her at the gardens. A friend reminded me though, “crying in public happens to the best of us.” — which is true— she’s totally right. I mean, I almost cried in public today! So I probably should;t over think Marlowe hitting a rough patch in the middle of the day.

But before the mini meltdown? And after the mini meltdown? Things were good. Also, I probably shouldn’t refer to it as a meltdown– it was hardly a melt down. The only thing that melted was the scoop of ice-cream I wouldn’t let her have. The weather was so good. We knew we were more than likely to book a hotel and just stay– especially since the chickens are good on a night on their own and we had left Jerry with my brother *just in case*.

We made a few pit stops (bread/wine for friends/ sandal shopping /whatever) before heading to the pool and just relaxing before dinner. Pool time, shower time, and dinner too. Marlowe was awesome at dinner. She totally made up for earlier that day. After dinner everyone crashed quick. I answered a few emails and Marlowe and Alex completely zonked out. The music was SO loud in our hotel– but non of us really seemed to care. So many of my favorite songs came on– so I was happy. I did end up having the most intense dreams about befriending Beyonce though. I’ll probably credit that to hearing ‘single ladies’ just before dozing off. She gave me really wonderful advice on working out my butt. Because my butt needs work. Obviously.

The following morning we walked across the street to the beach and had ourselves a quite morning.

dirty party hotel rugs. 

a blurry picture for sure– but too good not to share. Look at this space! I love it!

So we headed out to brunch to meet up with one of my newer favorite people, Jim. We met him in Mexico on our hotel press trip and fell in love. Quickly and deeply in love. Or I did anyway, haha. Why I didn’t take pictures of jim? I don’t know. I did snapchat him though 🙂

We joke that avocados keep Marlowe alive. They sort of do. I mean, besides oils its one of the main and only fats this kid really gets. She know that healthy fats feed your brain 🙂 And boy oh boy she loves some good avocado toast.

And a dragon fruit cocktail for the Mr. This is the face he makes after every first sip of anything he ever has. This like, pursed lips, *im tasting this* face. I’m sure he doesn’t realize it. Does he like it? Does he not? It’s so hard to tell! The answer is yes though, he liked it very much. 

It’s weird to think I once lived in on south beach. I would do it again, honestly. I mean, we never will, but I could see us living there again if we wanted to. I liked living in a place where everything was so close and mostly walkable or bike-able (tricycle-able in my case).

I feel like we haven’t spent much time in south beach lately. I used to go more often. But then we started visiting more farms off the beach (all farms are basically off the beach) and visiting my friend Claudia more– so south beach took more aback burner. Hoping to head back down soon though— maybe just with Laura though for a little girls trip. More downtime, maybe even some shopping (gasp), and 200% less cocktails than Laura and I used to have when living in south beach 😉

Hope you guys are having a great week. It’s been a super slow on for me. I’m moving in sloth pace. It’s cool though— sloths are cool too.



  1. This looks amazing, I am jealous, although London is now getting sunny!

    Rude question, feel free to ignore, how much would you typically pay for a room night on the spur of the moment. I would love to do more things like this but here in England the cost would be in excess of £100 ($150ish) for a room and therefore prohibitive!