homemade buckwheat cocoa puffs + blueberries in milk. From my new favorite cookbook (you know, other than my own cookbook 😉 but seriously, this is going to be my new go to snack– so much protein in those little puffs!
(both the bowl and sunglasses are from here.) 

mousetrap! I have to say, I never, not once have set this game up. not even as a child. I dont even know how to play it. 

silly girl. 

when you go to buckle your seat belt and realize, “well man, thats a lot of green stuff in my lap”

espresso and succulents. 

front porch hangs. 

just lots of stuff hanging around. 


jasmine from the backyard. smells so good. 

a rainbow on my leg and flowers on my bedside table. 

and more flowers. thanks babe. 

coloring is the best, really. our favorite coloring books

and from the other night! It was so chill— so good! I’m happy to finally have made my backyard worthy of spending entire evenings in. ps. a surprising amount of people inquired about what disco ball I bought— it was this one. it comes with the lights and all that jazz. we only used it once, but have zero complaints. I just wish it could always be set up– you know, forever. But that’s not really an option with any disco ball and rain! anyway, I wish I took more photos friday— I did’,t but thats okay, it’ll have to happen again soon 🙂

Have a wonderful new week, friends!


  1. The link for the bowl and sunglasses is wrong. Can you correct it? Because I love those sunglasses! Thanks!

    • oops! I hate when I forget to double check links! Sorry about that, all fixed. And the glasses were only 20$ 🙂 "Emma" is the name I believe.

  2. Your garden is looking gorgeous, and I love the idea of an outdoor disco ball. The jasmine is lovely, so nice to bring the outside in. CJ xx