the cutest little guy. 

then I  took one home— and a few other things. 
(shoes / sneakers / purse


breakfast. guavas from our tree (so many right now!) and kiwis, def. not from our garden. and yes, I leave the skins on, it’s really good for you! 

made herself a little bed. just hanging out. 

and then she fell asleep! it’s a crhsitmas miracle!

I hired a cleaning lady. she’s pretty cute. 


lunch. roasted vegetables, sauerkraut, and an avocado omelette with eggs from our chickens. still grosses me out, still eating them. 

these plants are always so pretty. I wish they didn’t give life to blood suckers. 

we don’t take this pup out much— he likes to attack big dogs (little man syndrome), but he came out. everyone lived. 

counter things. 

and girl meets world dates! haha. I loved loved loved boy meets work, so fun to watch girl meets world with her 🙂 


  1. I love that you're linking more! The link for the brown purse seen in the second picture isn't working and I really love that purse. I'm assuming it's vegan leather?


  2. I envy you for the chicks!!I would love to have some one day and eat our eggs 🙂

  3. can't you tell us a little more about the egg situation? i mean ethically it's fantastic that you have your own chickens .. but if it grosses you out .. 🙁

    • I just linked a few of the posts I've mentored egg eating in– in the comment above. t's been mentioned maybe 10ish times on the blog 😉

      I mean, I do like the taste of (some) eggs— like, I actually enjoy a hard boiled egg or a fried egg, but the idea of it all still makes me make a face. I'm always like "thanks for pooping this out of your vagina, bird" (super matureI know). I keep cutting them out and then adding them back in, but I got blood work in last month and my albumen is still REALLY low— even though I'm eating a crap ton of protein everyday. My body just doesn't digest most regular protein sources anymore. Eggs seem to be the most digestible for my gut. So backyard chicken period it is!

  4. It hadn't occurred to me that bromeliads would be a mosquito risk, but I see it now. Lovely plants anyway, I like to see your visits to the garden centre. The pale silver succulent is gorgeous. Jerry looks like he's having fun. It made me laugh that he likes to take on bigger dogs. He's fierce! CJ xx

    • oh yes, we had a big increase in mosquitos when we planted a bunch. Now I keep them out of rain zones!