There’s a line from a song that often runs through my head, “life is like the weather baby, there ain’t no guarantees.” So simple, but so true you know? The weather affects me easily– too easily. I mean, I left college and moved across the country because I was os depressed with the weather! I mean, now looking back I’m realizing it was probably my diet too, but thats a topic for another day. Either way, the weather brought me DOWN. So much cold, so much rain. I love and loved Rhode Island, but man, I should have known better and chosen a college in the south, you know? Yeah, there’s a lot of rain here too— but a lot of sun (usually) and warmth to counter it. And for me, that makes the tropical rain and gloom a lot more tolerable.

I guess the thing is, that even though it is more tolerable, I’m trying to not only live with the rain, but I want embrace it too. It’s part of my home and thats not changing anytime soon. Just the way that the northerners embrace the snow and do (crazy) things like skiing and snowboarding (and whatever else you cold loving people to do in the snow), I’m trying to stop looking at the rain as an obstacle, but instead, a joy that comes with Florida.

Change your mind, change your life.

I mean, it’s hard. Even as I write this I’m trying to remind myself that the rain might be here this weekend and cancel every single one of my beach and work plans– but that’ll somehow be okay.

Better than okay, ya?

If this past year has taught me anything (besides massive amounts of patience), it’s that I can either choose to feel bad about all the aches and pains and hard times or I can push through and make the best out of everyday— even on the days I don’t feel my best. And/or on the days I feel my worst. I’ll never, ever feel the way I did before I got sick, but that doesn’t mean I can’t live some other version of an amazing life. I keep saying it, but if anything, I learned a lot through sickness. Sure, it sucked more than anything I’ve ever had to deal with, but I learned a lot. I’ve learned to love and live in the bad times. And I want to learn to love and live in the rain– embrace it. Because life is good and life is short, rain or shine.

As mentioned, we have a ton of outdoor plans this weekend (most of them being sunshine specific), we’ll see how those go. But many activities, even outdoor ones can happen in the rain and should happen in the rain. Either way, I’m looking forward to hopefully being super productive, to kick butts and take names— or however the saying goes.

And you guys probably know this, but I’m a jelly shoe loving queen. I mean, when Marlowe and I went on the cruise with Laura a year and a half ago— we had maybe seven pairs of jellies between the three of us??! They’re just so damn convenient. Especially with the summer rain or in possible muddy situations. They rinse right off! Rain boots don’t always work well with all the heat, but open breathable jellies in the rain (or shine)? Magic. I teamed up with Zappos + Crocs— and I’m not going to lie— I really agreed to do it once I realized Crocs had this amazing jelly shoe option! Haha. I had no idea these shoes existed prior to the campaign– but I’m sure happy I know now! They are by far the most comfortable and supportive pair of jellies I own. And Marlowe hasn’t taken hers off since we got them in two weeks ago. She’s already asking if she can get another (pink) pair when she outgrows these. Happy to see all the different Croc styles there are now. SO much more than the original version I always thought of 😉  I wrote about Zappos a week or so ago— but man Zappos is convenient. Free shipping, great return policy, just super easy all around.

I hope you guys have an amazing weekend. Filled with loads of fun, love, and happiness—- rain or shine. Thanks for being here friends. Happy friday! 


  1. I feel you. It's been SO gloomy the past week and I am feeling so depressed! I had a bit of a breakdown last night and my husband helped me talk through how I can be productive during the day and NOT just take 2 hour naps every afternoon. Waiting for the sun…

  2. I'm a big fan of the rain here. It's what makes it all so green and glorious. I wouldn't like to live somewhere dry and arid at all, I love looking out at miles and miles of green. Glorious. It rained really hard for two days the other day and everything leafy practically doubled in size. CJ xx