Alex had two days off of work this past weekend. It’s not super common, but has been more common this past month, which has been quite wonderful. About every other time he has a weekend day off we end up heading to Miami. Or it feels that way anyway. Friends often ask, “but why, what do you do down there?” Well, lots of things! Mostly farmers markets or gardens. We didn’t have anything too specific planned this particular weekend. We knew we would stop by our favorite market. And more than likely stay the night, but that was about it. We had hoped to stop by another botanical garden, but it was closed for a private event, so I suggested Viscaya, since it had been a while since we last visited.

I’ve now blogged about our Viscaya trips twice on this blog. The first time I wrote about our trip there– I wasn’t even sure if I would be posting a picture of Alex’s face. I think it was really the first photo I posted of hi in this space. We weren’t together. Things were strange. Marlowe was so small. It was one of the first day trips we did together— the three of us.

The second time we visited, Alex and I were together once again. Trying to make this relationship work between the two of us. It wasn’t easy times, it was actually quite rough for most of it. It’s strange to think that a lot of the issues we could or would have then are still present, but now, we’re both very different people and we don’t let it get between us like it once did. We’ve grown and changed and things are substantially easier now.

There’s no uncertainties when we do trips together anymore– there’s no awkwardness or pains. A trip is just a trip— a chance to get away, to enjoy a moment, a time to be a family.

I’ll be honest, I’m still not sure about the purple of my shoes. I debated between the cream and the purple color but Alex convinced me to get the purple. But besides the color, I do love these shoes. They are seriously the lightest sneakers ever. Organic canvas. And the linings are made from 50% recycled materials. Rad, I know. + my shirt + I finally got a second pair of shorts so you guys don’t have to see me in the same jeans ones over and over again haha. baghat + shades (see, I’m getting better at linking!!!)

And my sweet kiddo. We cannot at all get her out of pants even though the temperature is climbing. So this is our deal: she can wear pants as long as she wears her hair up. Once we’re in the high 90’s we’ll probably have to go back with a new plan though.

Marlowe’s dress was actually designed by my friend, Brandy. It’s all organic and made in canada. I’m slightly biased sure, but it’s my favorite kiddo line. Softest materials and all organic, it’s perfect.

light + pattern play

She matched the wall! haha. we were amused. It also reminds me I need to paint my house. 

Shhh, we’re not supposed to take pictures inside. But does this even count? 😉 

hi family. 

the colors!

running through bush mazes. 

This photo is a bit out of focus– but hey, Alex did actually grab the camera to be the one to take photos this day. Maybe cause it was mother’s day? Who knows, but blurry or not, I appreciate the effort 100%

a photo of my and alex by Marlowe. I’d say that was a pretty good one. Straight (I didn’t have to edit it!) and not blurry. So crazy to think that the last time we came here, she was just learning how to walk (10/11 months old), but now she’s like a real big kid, taking photos. Time just flies on by.

There are always 100,000 photoshoots going on. Marlowe loved watching all the brides and girls in their quince dresses.

cactus friends and my favorite face. see my friend?

Blurry family photo love. 

Doorway inspiration. Love the colors and looking out into the bay and mangroves. 

Timberland’s new campaign has been all about my “modern trail” — sometimes campaign hashtags can be silly, right? But I sort of love this one. Gardens, markets, tropical outdoor vibes with my family? that is my modern trail, ya know? And if I really want to get deep and over think things (I often do, haha) even this family evolution has been my modern trail 😉

You can find these sneakers + a bunch of other Timberland shoes on Zappos. This was actually my first time using Zappos, so I just learned about the free shipping– which I love. Most of the time I hate ordering online just because the whole shipping aspect, but this was too easy. I ended up ordering more summer shoes for M and Alex later this week too 🙂 Also, Timberlands totally make me think of work boots and the baggiest jeans ever being in style in 7th grade—anyone else remember that time? 😉  But I’m happy to see that they’ve got a whole lot of other styles I didn’t know about. And organic canvas? Recycled materials? I’m in.

Anyway,  Mother’s day was a good one. I hope you guys had a great weekend too. With lots of sun and fun and hugs and love. I have loads more photos to share. Ever so slowly editing them. I’m pooped this week— allowing myself to be extra slow 😉 Happy Tuesday!

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  1. i loved vizcaya when i was there! i thought it felt like visiting the great gatsby or something.