Welp! We’re headed to LA today! Marlowe will be here holding down the fort, haha. Well, with the help of family of course. We wanted to bring her, but the trip is SO short that it just seemed silly to drag her there and back, have her miss one of the very last days of preschool, and go through the jet lag and all that BS, you know?

I’m super excited about the trip. But/and super nervous about sleep— haha, oh man, I’m old. We’ll see if I make it through the weekend without coffee. It’s just that I require SO much sleep now to function. Nine hours is my preferred amount. And with a mostly overnight flight? (both ways). Well, we’ll just see how it goes. But like I said, I’m excited! I put together a whole map of restaurants, of course. And a few shops. I’m very much looking forward to seeing a bunch of people– and wishing I had more time to see even more people and more often. But I guess, there’s always next time. As of now, the plan is to run around downtown on friday, brunch on saturday, wedding sunday evening, and venice area on monday before our flight home that evening. A eating in the spaces between those events. Thats a rough outline. A rough outline that doesn’t sound very exciting… ay? haha.

I’m actually sitting here looking for flights back to California– for the following week. I’m super bummed because the prices keep going up. They went back down a bit two days ago, I stalled, and then boom, up an additional 200$ this week. I’m playing that game where I debate “do I book now or do I wait some more and hope they go back down instead of up?” it’s always so difficult to decide, right?!

I found amazingly cheap flights to Paris yesterday. I’m usually REALLY good at finding travel deals. Alex says I should be a travel agent since I get so excited looking for all this stuff. Maybe. But maybe not. Maybe I’ll just plan another india trip, yah?

OH, so I photographed two recipes today! I’ll be editing soon and then posting. One savory (that eggplant one a lot of you guys asked about!!) and one sweet. Both healthy and delicious! I actually did two recipes yesterday and the photo’s disappeared off my SD card!!! I wanted to cry. They were so SO pretty. But you can’t cry over missing dessert photos, you know? So I just re-did one of the desserts today— and ate dessert twice. Win/win?

Ooof! If you can’t tell, I’m more battered brained than usually right now. I’ve been running around like crazy. For the first time ever I think I’m looking forward to the flight because its going to force me to sit and CHILL OUT. But honestly, I’m super thankful that I’m running around like this– it feels like ages since I’ve been able to do it. Feels like my old self again– except this time I’m going to keep reminding myself to take breaks. And on that note, it’s my break time. I’m off to finish everything and hopefully find a minute to relax! Can’t wait to share those recipes with you guys!

Have a great weekend, friends!

***ps. i stole this photo from my friend, Lauren. how rad is it?! you can check out her IG here if you want 🙂 


  1. I would be really interested if you planned another India trip! But I live in Switzerland so Im not sure how it would work!Everything from the last trip Looked awesome and it would be nice to travel with other People who are vegan/have Food allergies/no-goes!!! 🙂

    • Looking into doing it! I met up with four of the girls from the india trip in LA and was like "man, how sad my world would be if I hadn't put together this india trip!" made me want to do it again 🙂

  2. Hi Drea! Was it PBI – CDG? I'm also crazy good at finding travel deals, the hunt is fun but it is really difficult to decide when to pull the trigger! I've got it down to a science though. I book a lot through Expedia because of the 24 hour free cancellation policy. Recently, I booked tix and 30 min later, they were down $200 so I cancelled and re-booked 🙂

    • no, it was FLL to CDG! I didn't know that about expedia– next time I'll def consider that. I suavely book through Jet blue since I get the points– but for france that wasn't an option. I found the flights via kayak but then booked straight through the airline 🙂