steel cut oats + honey + blueberries
(typical breakfast lately)

I call this “wow mom, you made a lot of food that looks like poop!” meh, sorry kid. pureed black beans, cauliflower mash, and mushroom gravy. It’s well balanced– just a lot of brown and a lot of mush 😉

roasted butternut squash + tomato soup with chickpeas + coconut milk, pureed. it was a hit.

we’ve been making different variations of this roasted eggplant dish lately. I sautéed it up with carrots and some other veggies and served with brown rice pasta.

so much guacamole + carrots and hummus.

Marlowe made this. You may have seen it on snapchat. carrots, broccoli, black beans, sautéed with mille + cumin.

she loved it and ate a slightly different variation the next day. peas, carrots, cabbage, kidney beans with millet and cumin. Side of baked plantains too (in cookbook).

almond milk dates.

that eggplant again. side of roasted broccoli.

off for a park picnic.

also: have you guys heard of go avo? we saw it at whole foods last week and were like “hmmmm avocado in a bottle, no preservatives? we’ll try it, obviously” haha. I like to stay as natural as possible, but I’ve said it before, sometimes I’m a sucker for packaging (depending on whats inside of course).

also also: her dress is organic from mm 🙂

and: she’s in a phase where she wants to grow out her bangs. it’s funny how even 5 year olds have that grow or cut bangs problem.

veggie noodle soup.

random strawberry + pb snack.

throw stuff together dinner. sweet potato fries, chickpea salad, and peas. ketchup too.


  1. oh my god this is amazing thank you for the inspo!! <3 i'm a pescetarian myself buy haven't eaten meat in 10+ years and been wanting to have some more vegan days here and there, but i've just been so bad with inspo. this is great!

  2. Love that she eats so amazing! Trying to get my little to go in that direction. Was Marlowe this good of an eater at the age of 2? My little is 22 months and hasn't really liked any veggies I give her other than potatoes and sweet potatoes.

  3. So many great ideas here! I've been in a rut with food lately and have allowed myself a few too many not-so-healthy choices as a result. I'm really trying to get back on track though, and this post (and all your food posts!) is a great reminder that healthy and delicious food doesn't have to be complicated – somehow I often seem to overlook that.

  4. Are we able to get that eggplant pasta recipe? Looks yummy.

    • Yes! Will put on to-do list to make and share! 🙂 Right now we've just playing with different variations, so I have no set recipe written down 🙂