Is it hot where you guys are?! It’s HOT here. Super hot. I’ve been on a big ice-cream kick lately– before and after LA, but especially after LA. And with Marlowe, my little frozen fruit lover, I’m always looking for new fun summer treats to make– that are delicious, but also not sugar heavy. We try to limit sugar around here A LOT. Added sugar is a super rare, special treat kind of thing. For us, we eat fruit (mostly the tropical ones– mangoes, lychees, rambutans, but we’re also berry lovers) when we’re craving the sweet stuff. But like I said, we’re alway looking for delicious, cooling, and fun ways to match the weather and a sweet tooth when it strikes.

The other day my friend Kaylyn came by and we had dessert (specifically) milkshakes on the mind. We wanted something healthy-ish, delicious, and not disgustingly sweet. We made the most delicious milkshake and then took the extra milkshake to the next level by creating the most amazing dessert together. We took a bunch of pictures (they were amazing) and had the best, most magical day. Until later that night when I came to the computer and saw my sd card was busted and all the photos we took were gone. GONE. It was sad! Two recipes we put together and photographed had disappeared like the magical day never happened. The next day I had no choice but to re-make this delicious dessert, re-photograph, and re-eat of course 😉 So let’s just look at these photos and pretend they are even more magical– like the ones Kaylyn and I took together, K?

Anyway, enough about the photos, this dessert is a mix between tropical coconut and guava delicious and southern peach fun. It’s light and refreshing and would be perfect for summer parties or just eating something beautiful on your front porch 🙂 ps. You’ll need an ice-creammaker for this recipe. I always try to post recipes that don’t require too many gadgets, but sometimes you just need an ice-cream maker, ya know? I’ve had this cheap-o one since Marlowe was in my belly and it’s worked great for our home. And as a heads up, I’ll probably be posting a lot more (healthy-ish) frozen desserts in the future 😉

You’ll need: 

-5-6 peaches, sliced (preferably refrigerated)
-half cup of ice
-1 can coconut milk (refrigerated overnight)
-a pinch of salt
-two tablespoons maple syrup (optional)
-quarter cup shredded coconut
-a touch of coconut oil
-5 guavas
-a few sprigs of mint for garnish

How to:
-make a guava puree. For this, we used my juicer. We just stick it right in the machine and it comes out thick and creamy on the other end. But you could just as easily user a blender and strain the liquid through to get out any skin or extra seeds. Place guava mixture in fridge until ready to use.
-puree four of your peaches (pitted, of course), the one can of coconut milk, salt, and maple syrup in a blender. You can add more maple syrup if you have a serious sweet tooth, but we found that two tablespoons was more than enough for the whole batch for Kaylyn and I.
-once pureed, place mixture in your ice-cream maker and allow to rotate for about 20 minutes or until desired consistency.
-while the ice-cream is freezing, it’s time to toast your coconut. On a medium skillet, heat a touch of coconut oil and lightly toast your coconut, moving the coconut around bit to make sure you don’t burn it! This should only take about two minutes depending on the heat of your stove top.Once most of your coconut has a nice light brown color, you’re good, remove from heat!
-once ice-cream is done, pour a bit of your guava puree into a cup or bowl. Place a large, delicious scoop of coconut peach ice-cream on top and garnish with the mint leaves, toasted coconut, and extra peach slices.

And enjoy!

Want an extra healthy addition? If you’re choosing to juice (instead of blend) your guava you can very easily add in carrots to the juicer making a guava-carrot puree! The kiddos would never know the difference and it’s got an extra health boost to it 😉

Super delicious, right? There’s a few steps involved, but everything is obviously super easy! Try it out for a garden party or a romantic date night in. Or how cute would it be for a baby shower? Whatever you make this for, you won’t be let down!

Nom nom nom. Hope you guys are having a great week! Our house is upside down with home projects, but I think (and hope) it’ll look pretty snazzy by the end of the week 😉 Happy tuesday!

ps. I edited all these photos and the eggplant pasta recipe in the middle of the night on the plane ride to LA, I think they came out pretty good considering! haha 🙂


  1. It looks delicious!! Any ideas of replacing the guavas(or just skip them?)I will never find guavas here.. for sure!!