Hi Friends! I meant to post this up sooner, but I’m sure you saw, we had a power outage last nth for a few hours, but my typically productive nights turned into me laying on my bed, mostly playing jelly splash in the dark to pass the time, haha. I guess it was a good break 😉

You guys have heard me complain enough about the summer florida heat in the previous years, where I definitely no need to now, haha. But I will tell you, we are absolutely trying to press through it. Some 93$ weather with 95% humidity and 70% chance of rain can’t keep us down! Haha. I mean, that being said, I’m still picking up and leaving as much as possible this summer— but making the best of it WHILE IM HERE. 😉 Most of our markets close here in summer– a lot ofthigns close actually. It’s just too hot and the tourists and snow birds are all no where to be found. Our normal saturday market closed, but we decided to head out west a few weekends ago to check out a new farmers market at one of our favorite farms.

There were only a few vendors out there—  which was fine, we knew that when heading out there– but still wanting to try something new out for the weekend, you know? And we wanted to drink all of our friend’s kombucha. Because kombucha is delicious, especially passionfruit flavor. YUM.

We ended up gathering quite a cute group of kids. They played, we chatted. 

I was offered a baby goat and I tried not to steal a baby duck— you know, the usual. 

We also headed west with a little adventure in mind— a foraging adventure! We love, love foraging for fruit. And right now it’s magical lychee season here in South Florida. and mango season is just starting (omg yay). We had packed a picnic that morning filled with easy sandwiches, some fruit, and loads of delicious beverages– because hydration is CRUCIAL in south florida. So we hoped through the fence, into the abandoned lot and went for it.

She’s going for it. On a mission for those lychees. 

little bits of magic, I swear. 

Then the girls picked as many low hanging lychees as they could manage before asking if they could set up for their picnic under a lychee tree to keep out of the sun. Smart cookies.

Peanut butter + strawberry sandwiches, apples, bananas, and some pressed juices sent over by Naked Juice 🙂 Marlowe super loved the pineapple Naked Juice. Alex too. I thought I would like it more– I mean, I liked it, but I didn’t love it. “I like my sketchers, but love my prada backpack” Anyone!?!? 🙂 I think I’m just a pure green juice girl at heart.

After a quick picnic the girls and I packed up to head into the car, dirty, sweaty, covered in bugs and muck, and happy to find solace in the air conditioning. I actually really loved this carrot juice. I was super nervous with he whole vanilla part of it, but it was really good!

Have you tried Naked’s pressed Juices? I just had to explain to Alex two days ago what cold pressed juice really is. He was like “isn’t all juice cold pressed?” No babe, most juices are just juiced, not cold pressed. Cold pressed juices hold a lot more nutrients than typical pressed juices, if you didn’t know 🙂  And of course there’s never any added sugar (we’ve actually basically cut out all cane sugar, expect when we go out to eat, I guess) and have been subbing with maple syrup sugar when “needed”. But yeah, and there non-gmo verified and preservative free too 🙂

I hope you guys are having a good week! I need to pack up my bags for San Fran tomorrow! Hooray! Oh and speaking of good and amazing things (and hot weather things too), Marlowe learned how to ride a bike this week!!!! Amazing right? Now I need to learn too! 🙂 Happy wednesday friends! Talk to you tomorrow!



  1. Such gorgeous photos! I'm a city girl at heart, but those wide open spaces, lush greens, and (of course!) baby ducks definitely make me long for a road trip!

  2. Your foraging is so much more exotic than mine! What a wonderful find. Hope you have a good time in San Francisco. CJ xx