Welp, M and I are off today. Alex, Jerry, and the chickens (who still hate me) will be here tending house.

I like traveling with little miss M. She’s a really great travel buddy– always has been. Even as a baby, I’ve never had issues traveling with her. Thankfully. I can’t imagine not easily traveling with kids. No way, not at all. I need to be able to be on the go and I need people in my life who can do it with me 🙂 I mean, she’s not great at car rides– well, I’m sure she would be if I stuck a device in front of her– maybe one day. But she’s great on planes. We’re doing two night flights to CA, hoping we both sleep on them. I probably won’t, but hopefully. Our next flights, to Massachusetts, in three weeks, is during the day— and much shorter too, so that’ll be even easier. I feel like I’ve gotten moderately better at flying– it’s just when the turbulence hits that I lose it now. heh. But I’m breathing in and out and trying not to share my fear with Marlowe. So far so good.

I bought this book in LA this past month. For the flight home. I haven’t finished it yet (even though its really short), so I’m hoping to finish it up on this trip.

I’ve made a pretty awesome food list for the bay area so far. I have to put it all into a map 🙂 If you have any other food recs for San Fran, San Jose, Berkley, Oakland, or surrounding areas, please let me know 🙂 We don’t have too many concrete plans yet. just hanging out with friends, trying to sleep enough, asian massages (without the happy ending please), and eating loads of food. It should be a really good trip 🙂

A few people on IG and snapchat messaged me about meeting up. I’m for it. I mean, I met the friends we’re staying with in CA via the internet 🙂 And now they’re people I want in my life everyday. I love them so much– so I’m usually put o meet more people– just bad at planning. But if you’re in the bay and want to meet up, maybe at the botanical gardens or lunch or something, email me 🙂

Alright friends. I’m going to pack up my electronics and tie up all the loose ends before M and I head out 🙂 Cant wait to take (and share) CA photos 🙂

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  1. YAY for CA! It's Dani….Long time reader…used to blog at Me and My new Life! haha Have fun in CA I'm about 30 min from SF in the East Bay!!! It'll be pretty warm when you get here! How long are you staying!?

  2. Go to Outerlands in the Sunset for brunch or lunch or dinner or anything (if you haven't been before). Hayes Valley in SF has awesome restaurants and shops (and it's my hood, so I'm partial, haha). The farmers market at the Ferry Building is awesome on Saturday mornings, and the little mexican restaurant usually has great agua fresca. Have you been to the Berkeley Bowl? It's pretty overwhelmingly awesome. Back in SF there is a free concert series in Golden Gate Park (Stern Grove) on Sundays that is great! You can bring whatever food and bevs you want and sit and picnic, kids welcome! http://www.sterngrove.org/ In San Jose, La Victoria Taqueria has the famous orange sauce that is pretty addictive. Have fun!!