Hey guys, so hows everyone’s weekend been? Mine was good– painfully tiring– but maybe thats a good sign I had fun? I feel like I’ve been majorly m.i.a. lately. Though I don’t think most people would call 3-5 days away from the internet (while using snapchat at least every other day) *m.i.a. from the internet*, right? haha. But me not posting 5 days a week on the blog and everyday on instagram is pretty weird for me anyway.

Speaking of instagram, did your feeds change over to the new algorithm? Mine hasn’t yet, thankfully, but I know Alex’s feed is no longer in chronological order. I like to call this “the beginning of the end of instagram”.  Changes like this certainly caused the end of Facebook for most people. But who knows what will happen. Instagram isn’t exactly an *instant* thing for most people anymore anyway. Ya know? Personally, I feel like I’m in a weird funk with instagram this past week anyway. Or with photo taking in general. I’ve hardly taken any photos at all. I want to though. I’m sure our California trip this week will help. I’m excited to go off with Miss M. my second of four trips this summer. And I know four can seem like a lot of trips for a three month period, but I wish I was taking five or six, haha. I seriously just want to be everywhere at once, like my thoughts.

I feel like I don’t have much too say, but mostly because my mind is overloaded (more than usual) and I don’t even know where to start with putting my ideas to writing. Hmmm. I’ve been dreaming a lot lately. Super intense dreams at night and super day dreaming thoughts too. I swear, you could leave me in a sunny field for hours, with some headphone on and I’d be smiling the whole entire time. Alex was right, there are definitely ants pinging around in my head— but there’s also a super amazing bollywood story going on at all times too, haha. I’m weird, it’s okay.

Anyway, I’m beyond exhausted. I’m not even making sense to myself and the dark circles under my eyes are INTENSE. Super sexy too. I kept Marlowe up pretty late tonight (the two of us went on a little movie theatre date) so I’m definitely hoping she sleeps in tomorrow and I get all caught up on my sleep 🙂 And I finally finished Felicity (it’s left me with so many question on my own life— again, because I’m super weird and overthink everything, but whatever) so theres no reason for me to keep myself up tonight 😉 We all can dream big, right?

Alright friends, I’m hoping I’m in more working order tomorrow. Hope you guys had an amazing weekend! Happy monday!



  1. My instagram JUST changed over this past week. I had kept telling my husband that I think I must have gotten lucky and fallen through the cracks somehow, because that's possible, you know? haha. I hate it. Oh well. Also- THE DREAMS. YES. We just got back from a week in California and ever since we've gotten back, I've had really long, drawn out and intense dreams every. single. night. I wake up feeling like I need a nap already because I'm so exhausted from my dream adventure. And finally- I'm convinced we would be best friends (is that weird). I kid you not, we just got back from a trip, and the first night back, I laid in bed on my laptop researching our next trip. When my husband laughed at me, I said "well, the thoughts in my head are always all over the place, and my body wants to keep up!" Anyway, I've rambled way too much…Ive read your blog for years now…only posted one other time…and for some reason felt like commenting on this post of all posts to comment on. HAH!

  2. Hope you get some rest this week Drea! Exhausted weekend over here as well but i didn't want it to ever end! Speaking of instagram, i'm super loyal and all, but waking up the change yesterday completely freaked me out. Not something i'll be able to easily forgive 🙂