Hi guys! How are you?!!? I feel like I’ve completed neglected this space lately! I know I haven’t really, but it feels that way. The good news is, it’s mostly because I’ve been having a lot of fun, and trying my best to get some sleep. Well, and I’ve been overwhelmed with the pollution issues happening in Florida– but that’s another thing. California was great for sleep for me— I mean, I still grinding my teeth like crazy, but I made it to bed before midnight almost every night! Which I guess is why I found it hard to come here and edit, write, etc. I usually do that when I’m half asleep at midnight back home– like now 😉 I do have a ton of posts to share! Adventures from California— what Marlowe eats– a regular post and a traveling food post too! Do you guys find it hard to travel with kids in terms of healthy eating? I find it trickier than at home, but not necessarily impossible. It’s definitely gotten easier this year. She’s a lot more open to trying new food, which is great. In general, I just feel better eating at home I think— I just like to know exactly whats going in my food and know that it’s all organic or at least non-gmo, ya know? But we did find great food in Berkeley— two of my favorite meals were in Berkeley actually 🙂

We had such a good day! I got to see a bunch of friends! It was so rad. And eat delicious food. And sit and wander in the most perfect weather. The weather was SO great, guys. It was insane. So much so that I threw a tiny fit when I sat outside today— it was just SO hot. I was like, “I’m freaking tired of AC! I want AIR!” but alas, it was just too brutal outside today and the mosquitos were too hungry. But I shouldn’t complain too much– I did just come back rom an amazing trip and I head north in just a short nine days 🙂

So back to Berkeley—-

So we had lunch at the Thai Temple. My friend Raha suggested this idea and she’s basically my favorite person ever for this suggestion. If you’re in Berkeley on sunday, check it out. Bring a picnic blanket too! Next time I’m totally toting a blanket 🙂

I think Audrey took this photo. (Nicolle’s daughter. Also five). 

And this one too…. Most of my photos from Thai brunch look like this– everyone with serious faces, mouths full, digging into food. I wish I had more photos of my friends from this day– but whatever, NEXT time.

I forget what these coconut things were, but holy wow they were delicious. I ended up eating off everyones plate— and then getting more food. 

Pretty sure Audrey took this too. She’s hired. I wouldn’t have photos without her. 

Afterwards we went for ice cream, of course. I promised Marlowe we would have ice cream while away, and we did. Lots of it. Also, speaking of chocolate ice-cream, I think I found place in Guatemala with house made vegan ice-cream. I told my mom and Alex this. And both had the same response, “thats great, make sure you come back.”  Meh.

We then wandered around cute shops where I had to convince myself to not buy myself jewelry that I didn’t need— but it was soon pretty! 

Hi. Holding a drawing I made from 9 years ago that made it’s way from Miami to Woodstock New York, to wherever else, to Berkeley California, and back home. Long story.

Hi booger! 

So many flowers to match a beautiful day. 

“oooooh that’s pretty, go stand by it” -me.
“er, okay” -her

After shopping and ice cream we headed to Raha’s parents house. It was the prettiest thing ever.

There was fresh fruit. We ate a lot of it. 

Then headed on a mini tour of the neighborhood to this rock climbing type place.

hey kiddo. 

we you could see amazing views of the city and golden gate bridge too. 

Afterwards we headed out to a coffee shop, before heading for Oakland for more food at the best Ethiopian place (Cafe Romanat). But really— I haven’t any complaints at any Ethiopian place I’ve ever been to– they’re all good, but this one was really good! Totally recommend it if you’re in the area. Then we made the trek back home– well, to Nicolle’s home to veg out on the couch after a great day 🙂

I hope you guys had a great weekend— a great long weekend, if you’re in the states! We’ve been doing a lot of nothing since we got home from the trip. I’m just trying to catch up on sleep after the red eye. I think I’m going to stop booking over night flights. Marlowe does great on them, but I can’t ever fall asleep for more than an hour, maybe two. Which is okay flying west, but definitely not east. but now I know better. I am happy that I’m getting better on flights though. I panic very little now. It’s wonderful 🙂 Alright, I’m off to veg out in bed! I gotta catch on this sleep thing and start feeling a live somehow. Happy July, friends! 


  1. Hi, darling!!!
    I really enjoy your blog!
    Everything is awesome!
    But the pictures… they are amazing!!!
    Kisses with love,