Can you believe it’s friday? I’ve been so messed up with days lately. Today Alex turned to me and asked, “what day is it?” And I had ZERO idea. I would have probably ended up guessing tuesday. SO close? I’m not sure where the days are going. It felt this way in California too. Nicolle and I would look at each other and wonder, WHERE DID THE TIME GO!? We would look up and it would magically be dinner time. We kept pretty busy. Driving in and out of San Francisco and Berkley and a pretty awesome road trip, all the places. We did things for us and things for the kids. And everyone was pretty happy. The girls were just so happy to have someone to play with all the time 🙂 And I was happy to just hang out with Nicolle 🙂

So we headed back into the city, this time with Miss Audrey. I had promised Marlowe that she cold at some point wear her new tutu dress– and apparently today was the day and the Audrey followed suit. So we walked around the city with two ballerina girls.

We first headed into Burma Superstar. It was SO good. So good that we tried to go back a second day– but apparently we got lucky the first time because the second time the line was out the door and it was much too cold to wait out the door 😉 I love the internet– it makes my travel trips so much more delicious. Thank you to those who recommended it! And thank you for those who suggested the tea leaf salad— life changing! Must learn how to ferment tea leaves!

The girls were super happy and enjoyed lunch– they even got compliments on the way out– everyone was super impressed by their behavior and eating skills 🙂

Afterwards we decided to take a little stroll to see what we could fine– Marlowe was SO excited to find lychees. And then SO disappointed to find that they didn’t taste as good as home. But I’m like, ‘duh girl. You pick them off a tree at home– who knows where these flew in from!” haha. Fresh fruit spoiled 😉

We found a cute tea shop and bought lychee tea to go with our fresh(wish) lychees! 
Afterwards we planned to go to The Exploratorium and then at the last minute changed our minds to go to the Academy of Sciences– which was great! We loved it! 

Fun fact about me: I can’t look at eels. At all. They make me want to throw up, no joke. It may be from the Little Mermaid forever putting that fear in my head, but gah, they freak me out. I can’t even look at a picture of one without freaking out. We didn’t know what to expect from this science center– but when we found out here was an aquarium I was on high alert for eels. Marlowe thinks it’s hilarious of course. I don’t. Cringe.

They had this large room/area/space? That was supposed to mimic the rainforest. Aka it felt like home, haha. Humid, sticky, hot.

You can also go on the roof– which was sunny and COLD as can be. We didn’t last long on the roof. Tropical girls.

We then decide to head to the Botanical Gardens– since we ended up going to the Japanese Gardens instead the day before. It was huge. We were beyond lost the entire time. And the girls were starting to get hungry— mostly happy, but hungry and tired and all the things that they should probably be feeling after such a long day 🙂  Maybe I’m biased but I like our gardens down here a bit more. Though the weather was of course significantly better out west 😉

little explorers with their maps. 

twinssssssss. why have your eyes open for a photo when you can keep em closed? 

After the gardens we were hangrrrrry and ready for pizza. Audrey had been asking for pizza all week so we figured this was the day. Well, the pizza place was a nighttttmareeee. omg, so bad. We were there for TWO HOURS because 1. everything took unnecessarily long to come out. 2. they messed up our order– TWICE! Crazy, right? I mean, we were there so long that we had to order a second pizza for the girls because they got hungry again! Ooooof.

We had hoped to stop into the cute shops after dinner, but didn’t have time since we were stuck in the pizza place so long and basically all the shops had closed. I guess the good news is, it saved us from buying things and spending more money? And the better news is, we did have time to stop in this adorable shop. The best news? We found my cookbook in there! How fun is that?!

It’s a blurry photo— I feel like all the photos Ive been taking are half blurry, but whatever, so fun, right? I also bought a set of tiki cocktail glasses for Alex 🙂 Hiiiiii cookbook! We then headed to rainbow grocer where I ran into my good friend Morgan who I love so much. What are the chances, right? I love Morgan, I’ve known her for years and years now. I met her out here in Florida before she moved to SF a few years back 🙂

The other thing that happened this day was that I found out about the major toxic algae bloom going on. I want to write a whole post about this specifically—- more on what can and should be done at home to prevent future issues like this. In the meantime, you can read what I wrote on instagram about the toxic polluted mess HERE and HERE. Also, please- please do not go in the water in any of the counties that were listed a contaminated. It is still not safe! The government might be saying it’s not safe, but it’s not! I would certainly not risk my health and especially my kids health for a beach day— you should completely steer clear of the florida beaches. But again, a topic for another day.

I hope you guys had a great week— a more productive week than mine 😉 And I hope you have a better weekend coming up ahead. Thanks for being part of my space, supporting me, entertaining me, and definitely helping me eat more deliciously when I travel 😉 Happy friday! 


  1. Seeing the photos of you and your family having a very nice time wandering around San Francisco makes me happy too! Oh and I love the places that you had been. Wishing I could go to San Francisco anytime this year!

    Migration Expert |

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! My memories of SF are good ones. Good shops, good food. Good people.
    Bummer about the pizza.
    Great you found your cookbook in a shop!