Hi friends! Happy friday! It surely doesn’t feel like friday over here. I’m not sure what it feels like though. Maybe wednesday?! It’s actually been on and off raining all day here (thursday) in Massachusetts. As humid and muggy as can be. I guess we brought Florida with us. Tomorrow (friday) we’re heading into boston. Maybe going to an art museum, checking out a farmers market, who knows, just wandering. We’re taking in the train in because apparently Marlowe has never taken a train (other than in Disney World). I’m hoping the weather is nice and wearing shorts, just in case that humidity creeps in again :)Either way, it’s been nice to get away from Florida so often this summer. I do often get this fear of missing out feeling— when I’m away from home so long. It’s weird to think that everything just keeps going on whether I’m there or not. Is that weird? But I’ve felt that way for over a year and a half now, even while I was home— you know, since I stopped and/or postponed so many of the things I enjoyed when I was fighting to feel better. Now I’m obviously not laying in bed miserable, haha. And so it’s not as bad, because I’m not necessarily missing out— I’m just doing my own thing. It’d be nice to just be able to be everywhere, right?! No…. maybe not. We’re all already too over stimulated, haha. Sloooooow down.


On our road trip down the coast it was my job to find lunch for us. I’m usually that person… the one who people turn to go and go “you find food.” Which usually makes sense since my diet is so different— but works well in cases like this when we’re traveling with a bunch of vegans 🙂 I found an organic farm along our drive— which, hello, is like the perfect place to stop on a road trip with two small kiddos. All organic, vegan food, sunshine, fresh air, room to run and play, perfect. We had ourselves a little picnic, enjoyed all the things listed above, and had a great time.

Perfect tree climbing tree.

See more of what Marlowe ate while traveling HERE.

California has totally different passionflowers than back home. I think I like ours better, but these are so nice!

There was also this woman who came up to me while we were there. And within two minutes of her initiating small talk with me, started ranting about her son (and his girlfriend/fiancé/wife/whatever). On and on and on about his career choices, his girlfriend, her career choices, where they chose to live– and I just tried to be as polite as I possibly could to this insufferable woman. But I just stood there thinking, “how can someone be so miserable to be standing here in this sunshine and beautiful place, complaining about her own sons life.” I eventually was able to sneak away from her when she got distracted by a random kid. But damn, it must be hard to be like that. I feel like I keep running into miserable people while traveling– the kind of people who don’t want to be happy– they just want everyone else to be miserable with them. And I feel SO bad for them, but they make me so grateful I’m not stuck in their head space, you know? I wish I cold wrap up all the unnecessarily angry or miserable people in a warm blanket of sunshine and be like, “it’s okay, dude. It’s okay.” Ya know?

Beeeeeee happy.

So happy we can find little places like this still. We just got in the car and drove south– and somehow I was able to manage to find this pretty place along the way. In a world with so much constant blah, I feel so grateful to be finding so many good things. Sometimes ya gotta do a little searching, but it’s there— that warm blanket of sunshine. Ya know? Can’t wait to explore with this kiddo again tomorrow. Hoping to have more great days, as often as we can make them.

I hope you guys all had a great week! I’ll be back soon with a recipe and all the other fun stuff 🙂 Thanks for being here. Have a great weekend!

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  1. What a fantastic place. I'm very good at finding food too 😉 Enjoy the rest of your trip Drea. CJ xx