Hey hey guys! How are you?! I cannot believe that we’re flying home today (tuesday)! I thought this time in Massachusetts would be a lot longer, but man, it went by fast! Also, side note: Marlowe is currently reading every single word I’m writing over my shoulder. It’s so crazy to have her be able to read EVERYTHING. Ev-er-y-thinggggg. Time went by fast for that too! In my head it was about a year ago that I got pregnant and had her popping out of me and now, BAM here we are with her being able to read everything I’m writing.

So yeah, this trip was fast. I didn’t do a lot of the things I had planned for, but we still did a good bit, I saw a lot of the people I wanted to see (but definitely not everyone), and I got some good ole’ R&R in. I’m glad I finally got to the point that I see downtime as valuable time. Quiet time used to drive me nuts, I would be so much of a go go go– but now if the weather is nice and there’s a breeze, Im happy to count downtime as super important, must schedule time. There’s really no reason we all need to overload ourselves. Life is short, you know?

Thing I didn’t accomplish this trip: creating a recipe for the blog, meditation at the buddhist temple, finishing both my books, going for long walks, taking bubble baths, snap chatting my moms face a lot, yoga, and on and on and on. But that’s okay! I did: read a good deal of one of my books, sorted through thousands of photos (though not all of them, I only made it to 2014) to print and delete, had a baby goat fall asleep on my lap, and so on…. so I feel accomplished, you know?

OH and one thing I did do— that I forgot to mention was I did my MRI and I got back the results. I didn’t speak to the doctor yet about it, but honestly I dont plan to. I can read the report enough to know that my tumor was measure just a tad smaller than the report from a year ago. And whether it’s smaller or exactly the same, I’m content. And I do want to believe it’s getting smaller– and that over the next few years I can make it go away completely. Part of me never wants to step in a doctors appt again, part of me whats to get an MRI five years from now just to see if I shrunk it more. We’ll see where I’m at and how I emotionally feel about it five years from now. So yeah, that’s some good stuff right now.

But yeah, this trip has been good. I have a load of photos to share. Especially a ton of selfie photos involving me and that baby goat 😉 The weather was hot, but I’m still grateful to be in a place where the windows could still be open much of the time. Speaking of which, I can’t believe I’ll be in Guatemala in one week! Well, a week and two days or something… but so soon! My goal for when we get home is try to see Alex as much as we can… though it looks like he’ll be working a lot, get a lot of quiet downtime, see some friends, answer my emails, finish sorting through photos, maybe go to my favorite foot reflexology place, eat some mangoes, and just overall keep feeling better everyday.

This week I have a ‘what marlowe eats coming’ up, a (super healthy) recipe, baby goat photos, our magical rhode island getaway photos, and whatever else. Well, this week is already flying by, but I have all the planned and ready 🙂 Speaking of healthy recipes, do you guys have a preference to recipes? Healthy savory meals? Healthy sweet stuff? I feel like I asked this before and the answer was more dinner stuff… but I could be wrong. Always feel free to let me know!

Also, these photos were all from our day trip to Brimfield for their giant antique fair. We didn’t buy much. I bought a ring (to make up for the collection of rings I lost in the break in we had a while back) and a poster for Marlowe. I could have really dug through the clothes but it was hard in the (unexpected heat) and with miss. Marlowe. Maybe next year.

I hope you guys have an amazing week! Happy tuesday!

(shirt / jeans / shoes / sunglasses / bag / marlowe dress)


  1. I'd love to see more "recipes" of stuff marlowe eats – just jumbled things put together or leftovers all in one bowl. I can never do that and have it taste good!

  2. I eat a lot of bowls with tons of Vegies etc. While i'm eating I always think about making different dressings/sauces but never do. Need help with that. Thanks.

    • I like to think my expertise is sauces/dressings/soups— all the liquid things 🙂 I've been meaning to post a miso one I do often. Hopefully soon 🙂

  3. Dinner stuff!! I have been in need of some dinner (and leftovers for lunch!) inspiration. 🙂

  4. Good news about the test results. Glad you had a good trip, I shall look forward to seeing the baby goat photos. CJ xx

  5. I am glad about your good results and that you are having so much fun!!Seems like last year passed and never coming back!