Well, we’re off! Again! I have a whole bunch of posts for you guys, but I’ve been scrambling like crazy and haven’t had the chance to finish them. But I’m super excited to show you our backyard makeover, our dining room makeover, marlowe’s workspace, and more. Oh and the most delicious and super easy (and healthy!) ice-cream recipe!

I’m excited and nervous for Massachusetts— but I always am. Going home is always a little different than regular travel though, isn’t it? I hope the weather is nice– and not too humid. It’s obviously humid as hell here in Florida, but we also have this magical thing called *air conditioning* — though in my perfect world, I’d live in a place where I never needed heating or air-conditioning. I’m sure you guys are thinking “thats called California, drea” — I know. Actually I took Marlowe to the dentist yesterday and she, very serious turned to me and goes, “Can I ask you something?” And I responded (quite nervously) “yeah sure of course!” and she asked, “How come you chose to live in Florida and not California? You seem like you would fit in so much better there.” Haha. Maybe she’s right– but I do like my jungle vibes. California has a lot of amazing things, but definitely not a jungle vibe.

I totally went off on a tangent there— back to Massachusetts— so I’m nervous and excited. I think we’re going to head into Brimfield on Thursday,  Boston on friday, and then Rhode Island on Sunday. I’m hoping to maybe meet up with a few friends, and my mom already said she hung up the hammock for me so I can read out there (thanks for reading my blog, mom). I’m hoping she lets me snapchat her. I’ve realized you can tell when I’m doing well or not well by my snapchat. I’m usually not snap chatting when I feel really off. I’ll go MIA for days on end cause my head just doesn’t feel right and then BOOM I’m back to be stupid again.

Alright, well, I think I’m going to finish up packing my chargers and stuff— and maybe sneak in a quick 15 minute power nap before we have to catch our flight?!? One can dream.

I hope you guys are doing well! I’m hoping to post the backyard/garden stuff tomorrow– it’s SO nice! Can’t wait until it’s cool enough to use it– maybe september? 🙂

Hope you guys are having a good week!