So I’m totally going to spoil my dining room reveal with these pictures— but that’s okay! Full dining room tour coming soon– but in the meantime, how do you like the green?! So intense, right?! We like the change– and are always happy to make little changes around the home. Not big ones like rearranging everything– we don’t mess with that, but little changes here and there to mix things up 🙂 Especially in the summer heat– sometimes you just gotta work on indoor projects to release your mind from going insane in the heat, ya know? 🙂

My friends at method challenged us to make a mess in our space— and not to fear the mess. This was easier for some of us in the ohdeardrea household and a hell of a lot more challenging for some. Easy for me, a nightmare for Alex, haha. It used to be super hard for me to let go and not fear the mess— but I’ve gotten A LOT better over the past year and a half. Anyway, they asked, and it wasn’t too hard from to get down and dirty– I think the hard part was just having Alex actually around to document the mess. He’s normally at work when all the messy stuff happens :)Speaking of Alex though— he freaking loves the method all-purpose lavender spray. I swear to you, he goes out of his way to buy it. I’m happy with it cause method is a great earth-friendly option. They are plant based (not chemical based). The factory is run on wind and solar energy. Some of the their product containers are made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastics— while some, get this, are 50% post-consumer recycled plastics and 50% ocean recovered plastics. amazing, right? (You can read about that HERE if you’re interested). So yeah, he loves method because of how it cleans our home (and how it smells) and I love method because they’re a pretty bad-ass eco-friendly company in this pretty un-earth-friendly world. (You go, method!)

Anyway, back to our messy home… I’ve had this glass wall vases floating around for a while now and decided that it was finally time to put some plants in them and hang them on the wall. It was a(n unbearably) hot and muggy day outside, so it was perfect for home messes, ya know?

I had a little help from my super cute. five year old.

And boy oh boy did we make a mess. Like, I totally get that this could look staged like, “oh drea is talking about getting messy so she dumped dirt on her table to prove a point.” Wrong, not what happened. What happened was that Marlowe picked up the plant and dirt and a few ants crawled out and she FREAKED out and dumped the plant on the table, haha. So yeah, things got messy.

She scurried away to let me do the job myself– some help she was, right?

I finished up the plants and the vases got hung to the wall and the tiny planter got a string hanger and went to the window curtain. Super cute, right? I still feel like a dangly plant in the corner would be nice– though I’m not sure if there is enough light directly in the corner.

There’s that little guy, to the left.

And then miss Marlowe saw me spraying the table– so she of course ran back to spray. I don’t know if you guys remember, but she’s always been the biggest neat freak. For as long as she could walk and talk she would ask to spray and clean the table, her desk, counters, whatever. Gotta love a little neat freak. So we did it— a super easy (and great) home improvement project. We made a mess and no one died. Then we cleaned it up with a super safe and eco-friendly bottle of Method that we all love (for wonderful reasons). Not so bad for a hot and muggy day in Florida 🙂

I hope you guys all had a wonderful week! I can’t believe our Massachusetts trip is already coming to an end. Or it feels that way anyway— just four days left. Where has the time gone? I feel like we just got here! The good news is, only 13 more days until Guatemala! eeeeeeee! Happy friday, friends!

*this post is sponsored by method


  1. Nice job you ladies!! Also I love the new green color in your dining room, can't wait to see it all:)

  2. Love the plants on the wall, what a good idea. A handy tip I picked up the other day is to rotate plants if you have a dark spot, so that they spend some of the year in better light. Ferns probably wouldn't mind the gloom too much. CJ xx

  3. I love the green! it is like being outside surrounded by leaves and it makes everything on the wall really pop!
    I have a weird request, can you show a close up of the wall when you do the "reveal" ? b/c I'm currently trying to figure out what to do with our textured walls and I think yours look great! we have "knock down" texture throughout our entire house (ceilings too) all in yucky beige… blahh. not sure if I should try to cover/sand/rip out the drywall… before we paint, or just leave it and hope it looks better in a nicer color!

    • yeah, thats what we have too—- I HATE them. I often find that I don't mind the textured walls in other peoples home, but I'm super critical of my own. I'm not sure why. If I wasn't lazyy about the time and money, we'd certainly get rid of ours!

  4. That's my favorite all purpose cleaning spray ever. I always buy another bottle when one runs out. The scent is so therapeutic!

  5. i LOVE the green!! My bedroom used to be painted a similar color, except even brighter. I felt like I lived in the jungle, it was awesome. Question – for a hanging plant like that, how do you make sure it drains?

    • A few things, some plants are actually in planters inside the planters, so it does drains. The others, we don't worry about the drainage— we just water little bit at a time or take them outside to water 🙂