Just a few moments in California… you know… that were enjoyed <3
(tank, pants, shoes, hat, sunglasses)

breakfast. I swear I go to bed dreaming about breakfast.
(and yes, I eat the skin on the kiwi. it’s good fiber. well, unless I get a kiwi with super thick skin, but the thinner skinned ones are good!)

ocean love. so much ocean love.
(shirt, shorts, bag)

sunny backyard hangs. 

ethiopian food loving. See the rest of what she ate on the trip: HERE. 

I ate so many of these things off Nicolle’s tree! So good!

We almost always get asked if we’re related. I would absolutely think that she is me from behind if she had longer hair.
(tank, pants)

the tiniest pool. 

more breakfast love. can’t wait to eat my ripe papayas at home! 

little artist. 

they played a lot. me and audrey napped a lot. I’m lucky. 

garden and stained glass window love. 

the brightest sun and ice-cream dates. <3<3<3

Also, I don’t know if you guys noticed— maybe some of you have, but I basically recycle the same few clothes over and over again. I’m doing my best to link things for you guys and realized I only really have ten items of clothes saved to link, haha! I’ve said it before, but I’m not an ideal fashion blogger over here– haha. I just don’t like buying excess clothes— I’ happy to easy tops and jeans everyday 🙂 
We went down to Rhode Island this weekend— it was a load of fun 🙂 Can’t wait to put the pictures on my computer 🙂 Oh speaking of which— I want to clear out space on this old laptop– which means I should finally go through my pictures and choose some to print– do you guys have a company you’d recommend? Or best way to do it? I’ve been putting it off for years– but I really need to! I’m looking for good quality prints, not excessively priced 🙂 
Happy tuesday, friends! 


  1. I've used Shutterfly and Social Print Studio to get prints, and I just started using Google Photos to back up my photos and it's real nice.

  2. I'm a big fan of not having too many clothes. It's the green option! Glad you had a good time, I bet Rhode Island was good too. The Ethiopian food looks delicious, something I'd like to try. CJ xx