Hi friends! Is it how where you are? Man, I hate to complain about the heat since I just left Florida to escape it– but man it’s hot here in Massachusetts today— especially with no AC. I’m literally sitting here with a bag of ice on my feet to try to cool down— wishing hardcore that I had some ice cream. But alas, my mother has no ice-cream maker here. Do you have an ice cream maker? If you do, I highly recommend you give this recipe a try!So it’s mango season back in Florida— you know, the most magical time of the year. When everything is sweet and delicious and *magical*. When everyone around is handing out mangos like it’s their job– because they grow everywhere, on every corner. It’s magic.

We’ve been eating mango in our oatmeal, in our yogurt, making mango smoothies (recipe in cookbook), mango everything. All of it is delicious, but for me, the best thing, 100% hands down is the mango ice cream. And the thing is– it’s actually not that bad for you! Loaded in fruit sugar, yes, but otherwise, super natural and not junky at all. I think it’s actually healthy enough to qualify as a breakfast friendly meal 😉

our lime tree has been going nuts too! and the neighbors avocados are growing like crazy— need to get into some of that action when it’s time too 😉

So you wanna make mango ice-cream at home? It’s easy, super delicious, and it’s ridiculously quick too.

you’ll need:
-4 cups cut mango*, room temperature
-1 cup room temperature coconut milk
-1/4 cup coconut butter
-1 whole bean of vanilla (with the vanilla scraped out of the bean of course)
-1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom (optional, but quite enjoyed!)
-pinch of salt
-squeeze of lime (juice from about half a lime should be good)

how to: 
-in blender, mix coconut butter, vanilla, cardamom, salt.
-once well mixed, add in lime juice, mango, coconut milk, and blend.
-add to your ice-cream maker and freeze to your desired consistency.

*not sure how to cut a mango? see a super easy tutorial here!

And that’s it! Ridiculously, easy right?!

ps. So whats up with the extra coconut butter? Well the secret to making super delicious ice cream is loads of fat and loads of sugar. Luckily coconut is obviously not bad for you! And mango is high enough in sugar and obviously sweet enough so that you don’t have to add in any extra sugar 🙂 So you’re good! Don’t be scared of the extra coconut butter 🙂 You’ll be fine, I swear!

Alright friends, I hope you enjoyed your weekend! Our week/weekend was super good. Alex is back home now and I don’t have to many plans for up here. Just going here and there and making more food. Hoping to put together another recipe or two while I’m up here. I hope you guys try out this recipe and absolutely love it 🙂

Happy monday!


  1. Does it freeze again or do you have to eat it at once? (some fruit turn to ice if you re-freeze them)

  2. just made this today, sans cardamon because I dont have any at the moment, and oh my glob…it turned out amazing! thank you thank you! this couldnt have come at a better time as I have started a no sugar added diet….nothing, not even syrup or honey. thanks!

  3. I do have an ice cream maker! And it just so happens I have a mango and some cardamom and even more fortuitously we're having a tiny heatwave here. It would probably feel cool to you, but it's hot for us and we are all very excited. Have a good week Drea. CJ xx