Hi guys! So I totally didn’t live up to my own goal and take food photos of everything Marlowe ate while we traveled– but I did take a good amount of photos, thankfully! I’m definitely hoping to do a better job with it when we head to Guatemala later. I’ll obviously be taking photos in Massachusetts too— but Massachusetts food for M will look a lot like florida food– since it’ll still be much of the same routine there. Well, except that I’ll probably be doing a good bit of cooking for my mom and step dad too. But yeah, much of the same.Anyway, in California we ate out A LOT– way more than I probably ever have! Haha! And i came home saying I would be cooking more– but already went to my favorite indian and noodle place this week– but life is short, right? We did eat breakfast at (Nicolle’s) home everyday though. Breakfast always seems to be our at home meal– we rarely go out for breakfast. It’s hard as a vegan– and especially a GF vegan 🙂 Marlowe isn’t a huge oatmeal girl– and I don’t blame her– I hated oatmeal for the first 30 years of my life– but I still try to encourage oatmeal most mornings. It’s easy, filling, and a great prebiotic for that gut. 

So for breakfast in California, miss Marlowe had oatmeal and fruit everyday 🙂
For lunch on our road trip we shared a big ole’ salad. I’ve been trying to eat more raw food– depending on the food, it seems as if my stomach is handling it OK. Not great, but okay! The big bowl was mostly for Marlowe. The other, smaller bowl was all the stuff I wanted on the salad, that Marlowe would hate, like beets and jalepenos 🙂 More pictures of this gorgeous farm to follow 🙂

On our dinner stop on our road trip, we kept it easy– brown rice, black beans, and kale. Though the Kale isn’t pictures because it took them 20 years to bring out steamed, unseasoned kale. Not sure why, since it was one of the sides on their menu– but whatever– just another rant about eating out 😉

Snack of choice lately, peanut butter and strawberry toast. Though I have to say, she’s pretty picky about peanut butter. Sometimes she’s like “mmm feed me spoonfuls!” sometimes, she’s like “no way, I don’t want peanut butter ever again!”

We went out for Ethiopian food twice in CA. First time HERE in Berkeley (SO GOOD). I can basically always convince her to try yellow or red lentils and kale or collard greens wherever we go. Though she always calls the lentils ‘daal’– which is of course what they are, but not what they’re called in an Ethiopian place 😉

Burmese food! Nom nom nom. Our favorite meal from our day in San Francisco— seriously I know I already said it, but this was our favorite place! I’m hoping to introduce her to as many new foods as possible. I mean, not that broccoli is a new food for her– it’s actually one of her favorites, but as many new spices and flavors as possible. Happy to check Burmese off the list 🙂

More oatmeal + blueberry coconut yogurt + mango + chia.

The one meal I sort of cooked in CA, leftover rice + veggies + chickpeas

One the way home we stopped at a random dim sum place in a random town we’d never heard of. It was an adventure— but it turned out to be pretty good. spring rolls + noodles and veggies for the kiddos.

Alright friends! I’m off to take some late night photos for another post and maybe hopefully shower… or get ot bed before midnight?! Maybe?! Hopefully. <3<3

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