These photos were taken about a month ago. On a monday. A simple and easy monday. You guys know we don’t have weekend together like a lot of families seem to have. But we have mornings together. And when Marlowe isn’t in school and Alex isn’t at work…. like on this particular monday, we have time together. Now that Marlowe is going back to school, I know our time together will be much more limited– but we’ll make it work. We always do.

baking plantains for b-fast.

sipping tea.

breakfast potatoes, baked plantains, homemade toasted bread, avocado, and eggs from the ladies out back.

happy kiddo with her favorite breakfast. Give her plantain toast everyday.

me— walking out the door to run some errands and realizing that it looks like I’m taking coconut oil to drink on the go. it’s not, it’s lemon ginger water.


their favorite activity.

him, being my side kick and helping me prep vegetables for recipes. marlowe took this photo btw. recipe coming next week too btw.

from our backyard.

team work.

just hanging out.

laying on my lap to read me stories.
We love this home and our time together in it. <3<3<3


  1. Oh yes, I understand you a 100%. My husband has a restaurant and works every day 2pm-2am and the weekends. So yes, the mornings are ours, and I love it when they can be slow and lazy. We also have Tuesdays (when the restaurant closes); I always say our Tuesdays are our Sundays 🙂 But it's not easy to find family-time!
    I'd love to know how you prepare the plantain?! I'm guessing it could be a big hit for my daughter!

    • Alex's week is always mixed. It's like a party when he actually has a weekend off. Especially now that M will be in school again!

      For the plantains, a super easy recipe is in the book 🙂

  2. I wish I could find plantains here! I miss them. You guys always have the yummiest meals together. A family that cooks together stays together! I hope that's not true, my husband is horrible at cooking, I've banned him from the kitchen, I think he's trying to poison me or give me double the work.

    • have you checked any latin or asian markets in your area? sometimes they have them! Though I know even then it's hard. My mom always complains about lack of plantains in her city too. It's all the dame banana mono-cropping. They're killing the species. We're hoping to keep the banana dream alive by growing a ton of different varieties. 🙂 And so sorry about your poison maker. 😉

  3. Love the high windows in your home, so much light everywhere. Great fruit from your garden, you have green fingers I think. CJ xx

    • light is such a must! Also I was just looking into train tickets to visit the UK next week (From france, not florid oaf course, haha). We're not doing it this time, but I want to one day!