How are you, friends? I’m a mix of emotions here in France. We’re heading to Dijon today, for the most glamorous event I will ever attend. I’m excited to celebrate my friend Brittany. But again, a mix of emotions. I’ll talk about it all later in my France posts, K? For now, lets focus on the good stuff, Antigua. We wandered up and down this little town. And with the time change? Marlowe and I were up EARLY. It didn’t feel that early though– since the sun rises earlier there, but every morning the monkey was up at 6 am. The first morning, M and I decided to take advantage of it, let Celia and Luna sleep, and hit the streets. I wish we had done this every morning. Some mornings we just hung out. Some mornings I let her watch spanish tv. Some mornings I just begged her to sleep more 😉

We took advantage of the town– rain or shine we explored and loved it.

the cutest (mostly vegan) juice + food bar. I started ordering in spanish– a papaya and kale juice then I said loudly to myself (in english), “thats gross isn’t it?” the guy looked up and was like, “well maybe add some pineapple” and I realized oh, I can maybe order in english 😉 haha.

I ordered myself a ginger shot too. and said the word “jengibre” to myself the rest of the trip over and over to remember how to say ginger in spanish.

hair wraps!! I remembered begging my dad ALL THE TIME for a hair wrap when we would travel, but he always said no. So I finally got one on this trip and Marlowe got three. Weeks later, we still have them 🙂

flowing boob fountain magic. 

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure this book fair was set up everyday in the middle of town.

rain and colors.

arches and peanuts. 

volcanos and sunshine. 

back at the juice stand. we liked it enough to take the late waking ladies back 😉 

amazing doors everywhere / when your outfit matches the floor. 

we also visiting the rainbow cafe twice. the first time, I didn’t eat because it was the day I was having stomach issues. the second time I totally didn’t want to go, neither did Celia, but girls loved it and they begged us to go back. We (I) had planned to cook a lot more than we did. But it happens sometimes 😉

cool kid. 

Marlowe loved it because of the rice and beans. Luna loved it because of the lasagna. I didn’t like it because it was such a hodge podge of food. 

awww awww. 
I hope you guys are having an amazing week <3<3 Posting a giant fruit post tomorrow <3<3



  1. Lovely post! My parents never let me have indoor pets (online rabbits outside, but that was just to hush me) so now I am compensating by letting my kids have hamsters. Even though my husbands hates them, the kids play with them and lose them. It's just compensation. So I understand the weaves.