Do you sing with your kids? My mom always had this big fear that I’d be a mute with Marlowe. That I wouldn’t talk to her enough. Or sing to her enough (or ever). But we definitely chat a lot— and we sing and dance a lot too. No, there was never romantic lullabies for this kiddo— but we love to put on a good dance or Disney mix and sing LOUD. 
I’ve touched on it before, but I was slightly nervous about Marlowe’s late talking. SLIGHTLY. I mean, kids all do things at their own pace– you know? And for Marlowe her fine motor skills were incredible– and she was walking at 10 months. But her speech? She was hesitant to talk and held off for a while. But the thing was– she was listening. She wasn’t speaking, but she was definitely listening. And when she finally decided it was time to talk– oh man did she talk. She’s such a talker now. All our one sided chats, book reading, and music listening made a difference. And my mom’s fears of Marlowe being a mute (because of me) never happened, haha. 
The science shows that listening to music stimulates your brain’s activity and that growth and development are amplified. Lucky for all of us– listening to music is FUN too! We’ve got music playing in this house all day long. From sunrise until bedtime. While we cook, eat, work, and play 🙂 
I’m super freaking happy to be teaming up with Spotify. We’re huge fans over here. We love the endless selection of music and how it’s made available for everyone for freeeeee! Spotify believes that music can change lives— and hey, I totally believe it too. 
Spotify wants to encourage parents to get together and sing with their kids— soft, loud, or even if you’re completely tone deaf like me. Just have fun with it! We’re obsessed with the Spotify Kids + Family section. There’s a good mix between kid obsessed Disney songs and party jams that all ages can enjoy. And we’re obviously super big fans that there’s English playlists and Spanish focused ones too! I know if I want this kid to be bilingual (or trilingual) that it’s going to be on me too— not just her. And what better way to help that by incorporating (more) Spanish songs into our daily mix. We both LOVE the Fiesta Familiar station. One of Marlowe’s favorite songs is La Gozadera (she learned it in pre-school). And it makes me want to cry when she sings the words— it melts my heart too much. 
If you follow me on Snapchat– then you know my love for tone deaf singing. And major dance parties. And you’ve probably seen Marlowe try to pronounce all the words in La Gozadera 😉 Music makes us happy. Really happy. And it helps her learn. We’re grateful for Spotify making it easy for families to enjoy simple pleasures together 🙂 
Can’t wait to pick this little girl up from school and have some more dance and tone-deaf sing parties 🙂 Eeeeep!
*this post is sponsored by Spotify. 


  1. I do sing with my niece and nephew, I find that I do more *fun* things around them and as they don't judge me….they just accept me as their Auntie so I can be as silly as I want to be! 😉