Happy friday, friends!If all went according to plan, we should currently be sleeping peacefully in Antigua Guatemala! Eeeeee! I can’t believe we’re in August. It really seems like Miss Marlowe will be entering kindergarten before we know it! 2ish weeks away?! That’s crazy! We’ll get home for Guatemala and then it’s go go go to get everything in order for her to get back to school.

Last month we finally upgraded her little art-kiddo corner into a proper desk area! Gosh, she was excited, it really was freaking adorable to see her SO excited over a desk to sit at to do homework (and art too of course). She told EVERYONE, “I got a new desk! It’s a big kid desk!” I had been wanting to get one for a while, but I wanted to wait to find the right one for her and our space too. This one is nice because she can tuck away a lot of school work and art work, but it’s also pretty neutral to fit in our space too 🙂 Win/win.

You can see her little art corner before here, if you’d like.

She needs school supplies and some uniforms, but other than that, this girl is READY to enter school!

We also got a little trampoline too! I was actually hoping I would end using it a lot myself too, but I haven’t at all. It fits nicely under her bed— but then its light enough for her to pull out and use in her room or in the living room if she likes. She usually chooses the living room. I felt like it was a smart thing to get— she could use it as an energy release for all the post school rainy days– or if she needs a homework break, or just whatever!

This summer she actually asked us if we could go to the store and pick up school activity books for her! Of course we said yes. She’s already doing kindergarten and first grade math 🙂 #humblebrag

We also got a new lamp. Small, unimportant detail, but we thought something smaller and lighter would fit the space more. And to the left of the light you can see a little plant bench— because we have a few plants when you can just completely over do it with plants all the time, you know? 😉

And a little ottoman/ side table/ stool/ storage thing! This now floats around in our living room. We can pack stuff in it, sit on it, whatever. I like to use it to color next to her or do activity books with her.

So many art supplies.

What do you guys think? It’s not a big change, but a perfect one for her. She loves it so much. And we love that she loves it. It’s crazy watching her grow. She had that other table since she was one and now here she is, almost six and ready to pass it on and grow. Gah.

Well guys, I hope you had amazing week! Loads of posts schedule for next week too! We have wifi in our Antigua rental, so I’ll definitely be around— when /i’m not out exploring with this growing child of mine! I hope you have an amazing weekend!

ps. our friends at wayfair are having a back-to-school sale right now! Be sure to check it out if you’re looking for some good looking kids stuff 🙂 Happy friday!


  1. Can't believe she's only going to be in kindergarden – she seems smart and mature enough to be in 3rd or 4th!

  2. I live in Antigua. Let me know if you want any tips 🙂 I might be too late! Enjoy my beautiful adopted home.