still working on that whole “getting over the fear of water” thing. I guess we’re making progress. 

cozy place. also, maybe I’m a jerk, but I tend to leave my shorts/pants on the ground after I take them off. mostly because I know it drives Alex and my mom completely insane. 

before our water got contaminated and yucky….. which by the way, I’ve still been meaning to write about.

backyard hangs in our new backyard space. love it back there. just needs to cool off! 
(romper, it’s on sale btw)

the two of us are REALLY good at taking photos. love her. so happy that she’s getting married and I get to vicariously plan my dream wedding through her. weeeeee.

I love-love that I walked in and caught her sitting up here staring out at birds and banana trees. 

a very non-strange scene 🙂 giant pool, tricycle packed with coconuts. no big deal. 

chill vibes.


also before our water got yucky. love love. 

picking a movie is serious business. (they probably ended up watching pirates of the Caribbean.)
also, alex gives me such a hard time about this room because I had planned to have it all white and color keeps sneaking in! I can’t help it! (hand block-printed curtains)

and my jaguar. or maybe she was a panther this day. who knows. 

neighborhood vibes.


these two. they’ve been friends for so long. I can hardly stand how big they are together <3<3

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  1. Oh wow! We love how beautifully you've decorated your home! The dining room and the frames on the wall – look amazing and so unique! Love everything about it! And thank you for sharing the curtains as well 🙂