Hi friends! How are you!? This week has been good for us. I feel a bit overloaded– but I know I 100% am doing it to myself. I’m not actually overloaded, maybe just emotionally. Over thinking everything. Not negative things, AT ALL, but just SO MANY THINGS. I’ve been growing through my Antigua pictures (swoon) and Celias Antigua pictures (double swoon). I can’t wait to share them with you. Marlowe is loving school. But we’re all struggling with the early morning thing. Even Miss Marlowe is saying she’s tired. But she already has a 7:30 bedtime (usually, sometimes 830). We’ll see how it goes. Marlowe and I for sure big on getting enough sleep…. and also big on not falling to sleep on time ;)I’m hoping to start photographing some lunch and snack ideas. For now, I have mostly lunch and dinner still. And some snacks from time to time Let me know if you guys are looking for anything else. 🙂

veggie “fried” rice, chickpea flour breaded and baked tofu, kale chips, avocado. for stuff like this we give her chopsticks and utensils. Before she mostly used the utensils, but lately she’s been going more for the chopsticks and handling them quite well 🙂

pizza night. Alex said it best, “man, how pizza night has changed” before he would spend hours making dough and for a while I used a lot of vegan cheese, before we switch more to cashew cheese. Now I can’t even eat cashew cheese. Ss pizza night is usually a last minute, buy GF crust, make cashew cheese for Marlowe, and figure out something else for me night 😉

Kale chips with brown rice pasta with a simple red sauce with tomatoes carrots, and some greens.

peas, roasted broccoli, “carrot mashed potatoes” which are essentially mashed potatoes with carrots and cauliflower boiled in– and hardly any potatoes.

play date snack: guac, corn chips, kale chips, black bean dip, carrots.

Indian spiced chickpea with spinach, bit of rice, tiny scoop of avocado.

simple salad of cabbage and carrots.

I feel like every week I come here and I say that we’re eating more eggs or that we’re not eating eggs at all. It’s been like that. Sometimes we go a long time without them. And then sometimes we eat them maybe 3 times a week. I think it’s mostly due to all the traveling we’ve been doing. We don’t eat them at all, but then we come back and theres a huge pile of them. I give a lot away, but then I feel bad wasting all the rest so we end up eating them a bit. So some eggs from our ladies, side of baked okra, avocado, and indian cabbage and carrots.

leftover tofu burrito (fancy) and roasted broccoli to make it a bit more healthy 😉 
We usually end up making eggs when we have company over. This seems like the best way to use up a lot of the eggs we have and it makes up for the fact that we don’t serve meat here. We did once for thanksgiving, but never plan on doing ti again. At least I don’t, but it hasn’t really been discussed. Eggs, more baked okra (we have so so much lately, yay, thank you garden!!) avocado, loads of fruit. (longans, pineapple, and soursop)
chickpea patty lettuce wraps! So happy she’s been into this lately. And even better, she sometimes likes/eats olives now! But she’s weird and likes the black ones— though everyone knows the giant green ones are best 😉


  1. Very excited about a 'snacks' post too :). I'm just looking through all your old c. diff diet posts for ideas. My poor 3 year old seems to have inherited my families candida weakness and we're having a hell of time trying to rid her of it! Sugar and wheat have been out of the picture for a couple of months now but somehow her immune system is struggling. Anyway it was helpful to look back and see what you ate (time to crank the vege's and I suspect lay low on the grains for a while).

  2. I'd love the tofu recipe as well. Mine always comes out soggy, unless I deep fry it, and I'm trying to shy away from that, and I STILL have to use tons and tons of paper towels to blot the heck out of it. Any other ideas?

  3. Absolutely love these ideas.. Do you pack her lunch for school, if so can u do a weekly one with that aswell?