Hi friends! How are you?! Happy monday! What are you guys doing on this holiday weekend? We don’t really have any plans. In fact, we only knew it was a holiday because my mom mentioned it on friday. Whoops. We would have tried to send poor Marlowe to school if it hadn’t been for my mom! I’m hoping to hang with my friend Steph– but she almost always bails on me. COUGH COUGH dammit. Okay, maybe not always. But enough for Marlowe to be like, “are we actually going to see Steph tomorrow?” — and yes, I’m totally using my blog to guilt trip a friend right now. Whatever guys ;)ANYWAY. We have maybe a few hundred pounds of papaya growing right now. I swear. It’s A LOT. And thats not counting the crap town of papayas that got knocked down from a storm right before we headed to France. Papaya trees are sort of like this magical scrawny looking plant that can carry A LOT of weight. Super magic weight. Both ripe and un ripen papaya have a ton of health benefits. And while I do prefer my papaya ripe and sweet, I do enjoy it green and savory too. If you ever found yourself wondering what you can do with a green papaya— well, here you go! A super refreshing, healthy, delicious, and not at all boring salad for your life 🙂

nature magic.

You’ll need:

1/2 green papaya
1 cucumber
1 carrot
green (unripe) starfruit
4 scallions
thai basil
fried garlic
1 thumb ginger
3 garlic cloves
2 kaffir lime leaves
chili (optional)
juice of two limes
2 tbsp honey
1 tbsp tamari
salt + pepper

How to:
-I’d recommend cutting the vegetables one of two ways: either with a spiralizer or with a mandolin to get some nice thin matchsticks. So prep your veggies (well, fruits technically).
-Slice or spiralize your papaya, cucumber, and carrot.
-Cut your starfruit into thin slices.
-Thinly slice your scallions and rough chop your basil + cilantro.

Dressing: grate your ginger and garlic or smash with mortar and pestle. Once well smashed, mix with the remaining ingredients. Salt and pepper to taste.

Toss your dressing with your fruits and veggies and voila! Healthy magic! 

nom nom nom.

ps. you can totally find fried garlic for purchase (an organic option here). But you an also just fry up some garlic in a skillet with olive oil yourself. Just be sure to pay close attention, you want it golden, not burnt. Burnt garlic is NOT delicious, k?

Alright friends! If you have today off, cheers! And if you don’t, have a glass of wine after work and a double cheers for you, k? Go find yourself a green papaya and make some yummy, enzyme rich salad 🙂 Later!

pps. not only was the papaya from our garden, but also the starfruit, lime, and all the herbs too! No cucumbers or carrots right now though, maybe this winter 🙂


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