I don’t want to write too much. I feel like this set of photos mostly speaks for itself. This is how we like to travel. I’m grateful to travel this way– with one mission: explore and enjoy slowly. Visiting markets (or farms), picking out the best local produce, and enjoying quite mornings, afternoons, or evenings in our temporary space, with undeniably easy meals. Sunshine, figs, wine, and some the best things France had to offer. We liked all our time in Dijon, but the market and the meals made after were some of our favorite quiet moments.

no shortage of fresh and organic produce.

les halles. the big market. not to be missed in dijon.

sunshine + vendors.
also, we’ve learned to travel with two- three reusable bags on vacation. good for markets, gifts, and often useful when you buy a few too many things to bring home. these are some of our favorites. not at all sponsored, they’re just so sturdy and fold up so small.

something florida is very much lacking in.
we need rows and rows of flower vendors here, please.

some market goodies. and easy soup is on the menu.

the in house chef for an evening.
(look, he’s actually smiling.)

the most delicious peaches on slices of buckwheat bread…. in bed.

easy meals inside.

easy meals outside.

how many times can you visit a market while traveling?

for us, it’s a lot.

basically jelly.

and how many loaves of bread can you buy while traveling? for us, it’s probably a bit too many.

another day, another flower vendor.

and easy cups of espresso at sunset on the balcony.
I hope you guys had a great weekend! Ours was a bit slow– much slower than I had planned. I had activities planned for everyday– almost every hour, but as the weekend rolled around my body said, “you need to slow down”– I’m grateful I listened. It seems as if another bug is going around and while none of us are actually sick yet– you can tell we’re fighting it. But I did have wine, and friends, and party planning, and a dinner date somewhere in this slow weekend too. So really, I only partially listened, and thats okay. Speaking of wine, and bread, and indulgent things, I wanted to talk about my diet change— which is very obviously not in place. A food post soon, yah?
Hope you guys are having a good monday. Only 3-4 more days of retrograde and we can all take a deep breath and feel more free again 😉
Happy monday, friends!



  1. THIS POST IS AMAZING. The markets, the produce, Alex smiling?! It doesn't get better than this. Just had to tell ya. Love you bye xoxo

  2. I love your post and sharing with us so many beautiful experiences and colors! We always laugh with friends about our "food tourism" wherever we go. The thing that we actually remember and talk about the most is what we tasted in the places we visit!
    ps: I lived in France for one year, in beautiful Toulouse, and I only ate bread and cheese, tons of it..I miss my dairy loving days, heehe! I came back in Greece after one year with 10 kg plus!!(I lost it really easy just being away from France for a semester though!)

  3. Beautiful photos as always 🙂 looks like you had a great time in France! Your airbnb looks amazing :O

  4. Bread heaven for Alex I think! We've had masses of figs here this year, almost too many. They do tend to all ripen at once. Such a luxury though. Have a good week Drea, and take care of yourself. CJ xx

  5. I love this post. My husband and I are feeling a pull to a more slow, intentional life and what excites me the most about that is the idea of slow traveling. Going somewhere and really taking it in. Cooking in France. What a treat! What a way to really experience life in that place.