I think one of the most magical things in the world might have to be flying across the world to celebrate someone you love. It should be mandatory that we all do this yearly. I know life gets complicated with well… complications, haha. Work, school, life, whatever, but I hope to always be able to do grand adventures. At least once in a while. This trip– and more specifically: the weekend was grand adventure. One where I shed many tears of happiness, raised many glasses of wine (made with love) to love, and kicked up my feet and danced a lot.I don’t have a lot of photos of the actual events. Just snippets here and there– you know, the magic in between. I’d suggest pouring a nice glass of wine and creating a fairytale story to go along with the photos– because that’s what it felt like. These photos are from three different days. An evening, an afternoon, and a celebratory morning. I mean, if I’m being completely honest, there were bits and pieces that were hard on me– I’m still working hard to feel great everyday. And I did take a few minutes to walk away and breathe in and out through he pains or discomfort at times– but overall, as a whole? I’m grateful to experience the magic.

day two begins.

two of my favorite men.

minutes after I met the mayor.

love speckled ground.

the next place.

about twenty feet back I spotted this rose growing over the wall and started walking towards it. As I did this I noticed Alex, who was about ten feet in front of me begin to dart to it too. Him and I, we’re different in a lot of ways, but I really appreciate moments like these where we find beauty in the same, simple things.

a quiet moment to breathe…. and look cool doing it.

breath-taking in person.

these two…. and my rose 😉

the air was warm and the sky was on fire.

the beginning of an unforgettable entrance and a party till five am. well, not for me, I think I was home by two 😉

new morning. new day. new celebration.

but how could we ever feel bad here?

I filled up on plates and plates of fresh fruit…and bread too… loads of bread.

happy space.

cutest fruit.

baby love.
so much love.


  1. Glad you had such a wonderful time. Gorgeous photos. And gorgeous you. CJ xx