Morning friends! How are you?! I know I’ve said it way too much lately, but I’m pooped. Not sure exactly when I’m going to post this– but just in case this is a few days later– it is currently the morning after my ten hour night flight home. So we can probably either blame the jet lag, the large amounts of bread I ate while away (oops), are just the travel in general, but yeah, I’m still pooped!

For the first time I’m feeling that, “I need a vacation from my vacation feeling.” Totally looking forward to being home for a while and getting back into the routine of healthier eating, regular showers (our shower situation was funny in france the last few days– see photo below), and general self love (face masks, skin brushing, etc etc).

I made sure to take care of myself while away– well in terms of downtime and self love (maybe not the food and wine part so much), but still it’s always easier at home, yah? I brought shampoo and conditioner on the trip– which I def. did not bother to use while away, but I’m always super strict about daily (morning and night) face washing, cleansing, and moisturizing. I’d call myself pretty simple as far as beauty routine goes (unless you count skin brushing and massaging and things like that as beauty, but I don’t know if I do). I have a few basic skin products I use daily and a few splurge items for every once in a while, like face masks and such. I discovered Osea products this past year and fell in love. I’ll be honest, I initially fell involve with their packaging– I love the sturdy and pretty glass bottles, but later fell in love with so much more.

All Osea products are non-gmo, natural, vegan, gluten free, bio degradable, and made in the US 🙂 And the seaweed is USDA organic too 🙂 All they’re products are not only super effective (my face thanks you, Osea), but also super safe. Also, I think it goes without saying, but I’ll say it just in case, all their products are petroleum free, and paraben free too 🙂

I’m super partial to the brightening serum. You guys know I tend to get dark skin spots from the sun– you know, especially a super dark one that looks like a mustache. And yeah, it’s not so bad anymore and mostly handled with preventative measures (sunscreen), but the brightening serum is a super amazing natural remedy for those pesky dark spots 🙂 And then I typically either layer on coconut oil OR the essential hydrating oil depending on my mood, the weather, my skin, etc. Like, right now, I’m seriously typing all this out but dreaming hard about a warm shower, face cleanse, and using this stuff on my face. It’s been a long week, haha.

Oh, and I think it’s pretty freaking fabulous that their products match my bathroom 😉 That’s super important, right? 😉 I think so.

But seriously– I love, love this company. Not just because their products are amazing– but also because the company is amazing too. Osea is doing big things for the natural beauty world, all while still being a small and family run company! 🙂  Family values, caring about the earth, being in some of the best spas around the world (they’re at Alex’s work/hotel!), and being totally safe for our bodies and the earth. Gotta love it all.

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pps. they totally have travel sizes. Next time I’m making it a point to buy the cleanser in travel size. I def. brought the little oils to Guatemala + France with me— next time the cleanser and mudd is coming with me too!

I hope you guys are doing well! And now I’m off to seriously wash and moisturize my face! 

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  1. Sounds great! I like it when someone is inspired to start a business for themselves, because they believe that can make a difference.
    Love that picture of you in the bathtub.