It’s been a while— a long while since I posted one of these. The last time could have been when Marlowe was three?! Who knows! I mean, I could check, but I won’t– I’ll just assume it was when she was three. Time goes by fast, right?! So fast. Can’t believe the little monkey will be turning SIX this month. That’s CRAZY. Just ridiculous.  Anyway, I feel like these photos are super ‘behind the scenes’ ya know? Haha.  I mean, look how exciting I am in this photo. Without Marlowe grabbing my phone from time to time you guys could never know what I look like completely vegged out on the couch like a giant potato. But now you know 😉

Also, I should note, some of these photos are probably a year old. Weeeeeee. You’re a beast, time.

she made her bed. then documented it. Thata’ girl.

me and my dog. I was taking selfies with my shirt and she said she would/could take a picture. 

the house…. with a very strange filter on it. 

selfie like no ones watching. 

she asked me to come upstairs and pose with all her (my old) pets. remember these guys? man, I loved them. Still do. 

a good fort deserves documenting. 

abstract feet art. 

“sit there.”

this lady is my favorite. 

I’m a super serious old lady driver. There was a point in time where I wasn’t— but now I most definitely am. Watch out world, I got my hands on 10 and 2.

those little birds. And that little tree. I love it so much. 

(I must say my hair looks good).

lunch making. actually– papaya salad making. nom nom.


  1. I lover seeing your world through her eyes. So cute! My 2 year old recently started to pick up the camera and I just love it.

  2. I love seeing photos from a child's point of view. One of my favourite photographers is hawkeye huey, the cutest little 5 year old photographer that takes amazing photos, I guess when your dad is a nat geo photographer, you know your child will have skills. Your hair does look amazing. Serious envy.

  3. Your hair does look good! Lovely to see life from Marlowe's point of view. Mine seem to mostly take pictures of ceilings and walls. CJ xx