hi. still and always working on showing my face more. I just need to keep reminding myself that it’s all part of who i am and if I’m going to put it all out there, I gotta be okay with photos of me too.

summer heat.

a first day of school.

okra chopping and smoothie bowls. 

sleeping in. a rare miracle these days. 

these two giants. they used to be so small together. They couldn’t even feed themselves. and now they’re real giant people.

thank you notes. 

cutting flowers. 

always setting up a desk and starting a club. 

this old man. I love him so much. lately his age has been aching my heart. It’s like he went from sort of old to really old overnight. I’m still so so so allergic to him, but love him so much.  


  1. I can almost say this is my favorite part of your blog! The photos are so real, spontaneous, colorful, family oriented, I love all of it! So, so awesome! That Blue circle mat is very nice by the way. Anyway, keep it up Drea! ♥♥♥

  2. Aging pets make for such achy hearts! My old lady cat is doing the same thing-going from kinda old to super old over night. They are even more lovable in their old cranky pants age, too. <3 (ps i'm also allergic to cats and dogs but i find if you refuse to acknowledge it that helps…not really. i itch a lot but i'm used to it/don't care.)

  3. Dear Jerry. My littlest boy is SO desperate for a dog. He just adores them so. He's been promised one soon, soon. I still need to work out if I'm allergic to them. I suspect I will be, I'm allergic to cats, rabbits, guinea pigs etc. We shall see. CJ xx

    • Poodles or Pomeranian, my mom actually breeds toys of both together to make Pom-Poos – cutest little things ever and don't shed.