I think I mentioned this– I know I did on instagram at least, but we ended up staying an extra night in the Dijon region and missing out on one of our last few nights in France. I didn’t mind losing the extra night payment on our apartment or losing the extra night in the city. Alex and I both wanted an extra day to explore Dijon — and more importantly spend time with my friend Brittany. And I mean, did you see the photos?!? How could we not want to spend an extra night and day in the country?! It was SO pretty.

Coming back to Paris we had the same plans as before– just to wander and enjoy with no plans. But this time we knew, more or less, where we wanted to wander. It was very lucky for me that the airbnb I found ended up being in the neighborhood I enjoyed most the first time. Upstairs from a good amount of vegan cafes and restaurants, a market, the cutest shops, just about everything we could have needed in Paris 😉

It was a short two-three days back in Paris– but it was very good. We ate well, drank often, used our feet, relaxed our feet, and enjoyed the slightly cooler than before weather.

Explored cool venues and had some drinks. 

downtime in our rental

mornings in our rental, haha. we found the sleeping arrangement quite odd in france 😉 

gift shopping for the monkey. story: so my french is terrible, yeah? well whenever we ran into someone and had to try to speak alex and I would say “english or spanish?” NO ONE spoke spanish. Spanish is like a MUST here in florida. I mean, we have neighborhoods with only spanish billboards and signs! I did find one woman who spoke french and spanish, no english though. what a relief to finally be able to understand someone 🙂

I found this AMAZING book in an art book store. I spent forever in the kid section trying to find just the right book for Marlowe and when I saw this one, I was so inspired and knew I had to get it. It’s perfect for her art and fashion loving bad ass self.

downtime. coffee + wine. 

the bakery downstairs. 

and easy picnics to start the day. fruit, bread, coconut yogurt, and kombucha. What more would you need?

the healthiest soup ever. 

something about breasts and desire, I believe. 

indian markets! with all the fruits and veg we love from back home (and india). we really loved the little indian street/district. would totally stay there if we ever head back. grateful for new french friends who brought his place to our attention.

more indian details. 

and mexican details. 

and magical details. 

the last mornings breakfast. 

checking out with an extra suitcase (you know, for the wine, flour, and dirt we were bringing home), and ready to walk down all 142 steps— or however many steps it was. It was A LOT!

and one last piece of cake too… cause how could I not?!? 😉 


  1. "Tonight, I will go to the heart of desire".

    sein = breast, but also the center of sthg.

  2. This is so beautiful! Can you share where you got your jumpsuit and whatever pants your wearing that are chambray and look like drop waist?

  3. So beautiful. So interesting to see your version of the same city. We were just there and I wish I had found that green cafe. It's just a beautiful city around every corner!

  4. Such beautiful photos, I would have known they were yours anywhere. France looks a lot prettier than when I was last there! Love that you found an Indian quarter. Glad you had such a lovely time. CJ xx