Bonjour friends! Today is our last day in France! Not even a full day really. Just a few hours and then we’ll be making out way to the airport for a lonnggggggg (10 hour) flight home. This will be the longest direct flight i’ve ever had. The longest I think was 9 before…. on the way here and on the way to Germany (for the layover to India). I’m just hoping the flight goes as well as the one over and I can sleep a bit too. (knock on wood for sure).  I’m looking forward to squeezing the crap out of miss Marlowe. She looks so big when we’ve been face-timing her! My mom has been sending me loads of picture updates too– apparently she’s been more than happy with all the dinners my mom has been making. Lots of veggie mashed potatoes and veggie + chickpea sauté to sit on top. I’ll be posting that stuff next time, I’m sure. I hope you guys are doing well. There’s a whole load of “what marlowe eats” under the cut! Hooray 🙂

black beans, plantains, roasted broccoli. Do you guys buy broccoli fresh or frozen? It’s def. one of the foods I like to buy frozen. Alex buys it fresh. I just never plan to use it and dont like when things go bad! It’s easier for me to have frozen and pull out when Marlowe chooses it as her dinner vegetable when we have easy dinner nights 🙂

tacos, duh.
brown rice + pea. roasted broccoli and cauliflower. avocado.
banana “ice-cream” with strawberries. We were making this every morning and then school happened. Now, it’s still obviously SUPER easy to make for school but the problem is she shivers and shakes all morning and says it’s too cold and it slows her down too much before school 😉  #tropicalkids
tomato veggie soup.

We’ve had crazy amounts of okra growing in our garden. We’ve been roasting it, maybe 5 times a week to eat. We haven’t gotten too sick of it yet and Marlowe devours it so its good. + side of cooked kale + arugula and a side of sliced baked potatoes.

spring rolls, my favorite lately.

I’m def. in one of those weeks where eggs gross me out, but backyard chicken eggs, raw veggies, and brown rice.

more of that roasted okra, backed sliced potatoes, daal, and indian style sautéed cabbage.

falafel place in our town. she got the rice with lentils, raw carrots, hummus (I dontthink she actually ate the hummus) and falafel. next time I’m making her get a salad.

chickpea salad sandwich with avocado.

cauliflower mashed potatoes,  breaded + baked tofu, roasted okra and broccoli.

roasted potatoes + cauliflower, and a salute of cabbage, seaweed, and other veggies. She didn’t love this. Oh, and theres a chickpea patty hiding in there too. You can see we’ve been on a roasting kick lately 😉

and acai bowls of course 🙂


  1. I have your book, but I was wondering if you had a good recipe for an acai bowl!? <3 these posts too btw!! 🙂 TIA!!

  2. Are the bowls from The Chickpea? They used to have this amazing cauliflower falafel but they nixed it from the new menu 🙁

    Their cilantro-garlic sauce is AMAZING, though!