Hi friends! How are you? Thankful it’s friday? I am. This weekend is Marlowe’s birthday weekend. Not sure how it snuck up so quickly! Marlowe’s diet has been discussed over and over again this week. I know I mentioned it (maybe three times now) that I might be changing my diet up a bit– but it looks like we might be slightly tweaking everyone’s around here. We’ve been doing it in a very slow process though. I don’t know, I’m still trying to figure it all out. I’m hoping to get a full post up about the plans soon. Or the idea maybe— since we might not go full force. Again, I’m always confused and super back and forth in life. It’s just in my nature maybe. But for Marlowe, I think the biggest difference in her diet is we’ve cut out grains more and more. Lately we’ve added a bit of rice back into our lives, but we’re massively lowered Marlowe’s gluten intake. Bread or some sort of pasta used to be an almost daily event in this home. Now it’s only a tiny bit every few days for miss Marlowe. Now she’ll have brown rice pasta maybe once every other week, but we don’t eat a whole ton of pasta over here anymore. I mean, I def. don’t think gluten is the devil, like a lot of gluten-free people think. I just believe that it doesn’t add a whole lot to your health, so there is no need to eat it often. After cutting out gluten for so long for myself, I can see the benefits in avoiding or minimizing it and I can feel the very notable difference in my body when I do eat it now. Nothing drastic, but slight shifts that I prefer not to have. Anyway, this week Alex and I have plans to sit down with Marlowe– and I guess— menu plan? Dinner is super easy for us, and lunches at home are too. We haven’t had a shortage of school lunches, but for someone like me, I’m always thinking (and over-thinking) on how to improve things. And if we can improve her school lunch or make the mornings easier, even just a tad, then I’m happy.Also, I always think this, but I don’t know if I’ve ever written it, but dinners for Marlowe and I look very different than dinners I would actually serve friends, haha. They’re so lax– such a hodge-podge. I usually tell her to pick a veg, pick a base, and a protein and we somehow throw it together 😉

Alright, this week has not been a super successful sleeping week for me. Dreams of the end of the world and hooking up with ex-boyfriends who magically have rainbow hair in my dreams (same thing). It’s been interesting. Hoping to sleep peacefully and disaster free tonight!

kale chips, black beans, baked plantains.

sprouted corn tortillas, more black beans, guac, cole slaw, and crispy baked okra (sharing the okra recipe on IG soon).

Marlowe had been asking for pizza for weeks. But we never did it– it’s been busy and it takes work to make pizza! And it’s not really “healthy” haha. But one late night when I had friends over we decided to get pizza. Marlowe woke up to pizza boxes in the kitchen and we woke up to a very loud “WHAT IS THIS”— I felt so bad! The for girl had been asking forever and then we had it behind her back when she was sleeping. I picked up a frozen vegan pizza and made it for her. #parenthood

I did pair the pizza with brussel sprouts though. balance.

At this point, I think we might start giving away all our eggs. She eats about one egg every two weeks. I haven’t in a few weeks. I dunno, we’ll see what happens. + cole slaw (still one of her favs), millet, + guac.

pureed tomato veggie soup

spring rolls.

spinach potato soup.

kale pesto pasta with roasted cherry tomatoes on quinoa pasta.

peanut butter toast.
when I ask her to choose her veg it’s been roasted cauliflower or broccoli lately. + black beans, veggies + millet, avocado.
avocado toast + black bean toast (weird, but whatever). side of grapes. terrible food combining, but whatever.
see, hodgepodge. also, sometimes we eat dinner at 4pm now! haha! grannies! We’re both usually pretty hungry pretty early, so I like to get the healthy stuff out of the way when we’re both starving. Then we can work on snacks later on. We don’t mind being old ladies together 😉 But yeah, dinner is usually around 5 or 6, sometimes earlier 😉 This was chickpea patties (side of ketchup– they were over-baked and a bit dry, whoops), crispy okra, and half potatoes half cauliflower mash.
Alright friends, I hope you have an amazing weekend! Full of delicious food, friends, wine, whatever you’re into 🙂 We’ll be pigging out a bit for Marlowe’s birthday– but hoping to go into health food overdrive on monday 😉 Cheers!



  1. The roasted cauliflower and black beans look so yummy. I would love to know how you make your millet. It always has vibrant vegetables in it.

  2. This whole grain thing is hard isn't it! We've also been cutting way back. One thing that we all LOVE and is so incredibly easy are chickpea pancakes or patties made with chickpea flour. We grate some veges in and add a whole lot of whole spices (nigella, fennel seeds etc are great) and then fry them in coconut oil. You don't add egg or anything else to the batter. I usually make up a batter and keep it in the fridge to use over a few days. Awesome for school lunches too 🙂