Hi friends, are how you? How was your weekend? Mine was interesting. Good, but weird. Ups and downs. It was dynamic.

I haven’t been great at taking a lot of photos lately. Except of food, I’m still taking a lot of those photos, otherwise I’ve been picking up my camera less for photos. I don’t know why I do that– I go through phases for sure. But I need to stop. This week has been pretty cloudy. Temperature-wise it’s been very nice, but the sun hasn’t shined as bright. (Maybe there’s a metaphor in there?). If the sun makes an entrance today, then I’m definitely heading to the beach for a bit. I have a bunch of posts drafted for this week (at least the picture parts of them). I want to try to get another recipe done. I want to do another book posts– since I’ve been reading like a beast lately. And Marlowe has a post she wants to do too 🙂 Outside of the blogspace, I want to refresh the house. I don’t know if it’s the lack of sun, but the space hasn’t been feeling as light and fresh.

Anyway, we’re heading back to Antigua in a short ten days. I woke up yesterday super excited for our trip. Celia and Luna won’t be joining us this time (boooo). But the trip should be a good one. It feels like a lifetime has passed since I’ve gone anywhere (though I know thats the furthest from the truth). I’m hoping the rain has passed in Guatemala too— rainy season is coming to an end there too. But even if it hasn’t– and even if the trip rains almost the entire time, like last time, well, I’m okay with that too. But for this upcoming trip, I’ll be prepared with an umbrella– just in case.

These are the photos Celia took on our trip away. A different eye and viewpoint on the same place (And a better camera too, haha). I think they show the amazingness of the place, the excitement in our eyes, and the love we had on this trip especially well. They are my favorite photos. These ones specifically of our first day of arrival. (You can see the first day through my eyes: HERE) A long travel day with two kids, around eight hours of travel. But that didn’t slow us down. We were too excited to slow down– dropped our bags and headed out. These photos are especially fitting for today– they match todays weather and life lately for sure. Clouds and new excitement.

the drive in, you couldn’t keep us from the windows. 

we dropped our bags as soon as we got into town, layered up, and hit the town on foot. 

grey clouds. 

it rained, but that didn’t keep us from exploring and smiling. luna, the only one with a hood. Marlowe, hat borrower.

when life keeps moving in the rain. 

we found the best dinner spot. at least five people recommended sabe rico to me.

I’m sure you can see why. the restaurant was me in brick and mortar form. tropicals, floral, and patterns everywhere. I didn’t know I already existed in guatemala– but look, there I am!

when the sun peeks through to say hello. 

one of cells favorite walls. I loved showing Marlowe the colors in the buildings– hundreds of years of paint and stories in this place.

we were out into sunset. hours of travel, lack of warm clothes, and rain couldn’t hold us back. Even Marlowe, the girl who hates the cold most, the youngest of the group held on strong with excitement. It was a good, wet and cold first day.

We headed back to our home, unpacked the bit of groceries we bought, and headed to the comfort of our warm beds to warm our bones tropical bones.

Happy monday, friends. Hope this is an amazing week for you.
ps. Happy Halloween 🙂

All photos by Celia D. Luna.  See all Antigua photos: HERE.


  1. Love these photos! She captured the mood SO perfectly.
    May I ask where-oh-where your stripes are from? Both the top and the jacket are giving me heart eyes.

  2. Lovely photos. I had no idea there was another Antigua, other than the island in the West Indies. I have learnt something today! CJ xx